Britney Spears' Major Bra 'Malfunction' Could Have Been Avoided

Britney SpearsOMG, y'all. Somebody needs to splurge and buy herself a few new bras. Because the bra Britney Spears has underneath that purple shirt really isn't doing her any favors.

Britney's really cleaned up her act and her body is in great shape right now, but without a well fitting bra to offer her an adequate amount of support for her "girls," they're looking just a little bit on the uneven side.

It appears as though her bra is either too large, too flimsy, or possibly not fastened tight enough around her bust line.


And her little mishap should serve as a great reminder to all of us to check out the way our bras are fitting periodically, and invest in new ones if they are falling short in the lift department.

A few months ago, I ventured into the lingerie store with the intention of buying a strapless bra for a wedding. I figured I'd better try a few on to make sure I got one with enough padding, and before I entered the dressing room, one of the sales girls asked if I'd like a complimentary fitting.

I said, "Sure, why not?" And guess what? I was a band size smaller and a cup size bigger than the size I'd been wearing for years. And now that I know I'm a 34B and not a 36A, it's like my entire wardrobe looks different on me. Not only do my boobs appear more voluptuous, they're also at the level they're supposed to be, which has improved my posture, and my overall appearance.

But sometimes it can be tough to tell whether or not you're wearing the right bra size -- so here are a few tips to help clue you in.

Your bra is probably the wrong size if ...

You're constantly tugging and pulling at it to make it stay in place.

You've got a decent amount of bra-line bulge going on.

The band is too high up on your back.

You've owned it more than a year. (They stretch out as time goes on.)

The cups "bunch" at all around your breasts.

It's uncomfortable, or just doesn't feel right.

(Ok, so now you know you're not wearing the correct size -- what's next?)

Tips for finding the best bra for you ...

Get professionally measured. I can't stress this one enough, because it makes a huge difference. You'll never get anywhere by trying on bra after bra without a proper fitting.

Listen to the fitter and don't laugh in her face (like I did) when she tells you you're much bigger or smaller than you think you are. She's only trying to help. I promise.

Try on several different styles in the same size before making a decision. It's amazing how different bras look and feel from style to style.

Put your shirt on over the bra to see how you look in clothes, versus how you look standing there in your bra. If you don't look in the mirror and say, "Oh my!" in a good way -- you still don't have the right bra.

Don't be afraid to splurge. It's better to spend a little extra dough on a well made bra than to pick up a few cheap ones that don't flatter you in the least.

Do you think you are wearing the wrong bra?


Image via Pacific Coast News

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