TOMS Answers the Haters & Designs the Hottest Shoes Ever (PHOTOS)

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TOMS spring shoesWe all love the sentiment TOMS shoes has -- you buy a pair and a child in need is given a pair. Buying is the ultimate act of self-satisfaction. The only problem is those flat slip-ons aren't everyone's style. And no matter how hard I tried to like them, I didn't. Like style blogger Lindsay Ferrier said, "They are like Crocs with a conscience." I don't like Crocs either. At all.

So when I got the new Spring TOMS catalog in the mail, I figured I'd play that "if I had to" game where I look at the shoes and decide which one I'd wear if I absolutely had no other choice. But I couldn't play because I was IN LOVE with four of the newest TOMS shoes. I think we haters need to give TOMS another chance. Check out the styles ...

First there is the Blue Ikat Women's Strappy Wedges ($69) seen above. I will pause while we admire them.

I'm a sucker for a platform wedge. These are 3 5/8 inches. Sustainable. Recycled. Organic. These are still the crunchy happy giving shoes to little kids sentiment we all love only your style doesn't have to suffer to do that! I need these. I also need these ... Black Chambray Women's Desert Wedges ($84) with an adorable pink ikat print lining and 2 3/4-inch heel.

Oh and these, too -- the Oahu Women's Strappy Wedges ($69). That print!

And for the days when I need to be really practical and wearing flats while on the prowl for missing Matchbox cars and the tiniest doll shoes lost on the playground with my kids, there are these Snow Leopard Women's Desert Botas ($69).

There are more patterns to choose from, too. Oh the decisions.

What do you think of TOMS new line of shoes?



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bills... billsfan1104

I only like the straps one

mommy... mommyof5cutties

I know a guy who wears Tom's and I tease him all the time cause they look like girls shoes. Well I just texted him this link telling him now he can be sexier lol. He's straight but by the way he dresses you would think this man is gay. There is no problem with this except he had been trying to pick up chicks lol.

caral... caralicious

You have bad taste in shoes

linzemae linzemae

I love my toms. In 32 weeks pregnant and can only wear toms or tennis shoes. They are really comfy

nonmember avatar He

I need to buy every shoe you chose! I love these. Especially the last pair!

Alexa... AlexaAdams

I love my silver sparkly Toms! I even wore them at my wedding.

nonmember avatar Becky

I have ranted about TOMS on Facebook for this same problem. I buy my husband several pairs a year, but I could never pull the trigger on a pair for myself. They are getting better, but those wedges are still too high. There are very few espadrille wedges UNDER 3" on the market. If they made a line of cute 1.5" wedges, those things would sell. Who wants to spend the summer teetering in the grass in heels at BBQs? I don't get why TOMS is so slow on design, they are in Santa Monica and there are women on the website named as designers. Are they all crunchy liberals who ride their bike to work in 3" wedges?!

SuzyB... SuzyBarno

I love TOMS! Love them all except the 2nd one and the last one. I have 3 pairs myself, including a pair of their wedges. Love!

nonmember avatar Michele

LOVE Toms and LOVE all of these shoes. Exactly how I feel- oh decisions!!!

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