'Bachelorette' Emily Maynard Reveals What Men Hate to See on Women

emily maynardSince wrapping the eighth season of The Bachelorette, Emily Maynard has been keeping busy as a mom, a business woman, and (it sounds like) a single lady on the dating scene. She's designing her own jewelry line and, thus, seems to be hoping to promote herself as a serious fashionista. In fact, she recently dished to HuffPo about her style dos and don'ts -- specifically involving what to wear on a date and what women love to wear that men absolutely hate.

Em revealed that she freaks out about being "more dressed up than he is, or less dressed up." So her solution? "I don’t think you can go wrong with a pair of skinny black jeans or leather pants and a cute top with some funky heels, and just make it your own with the accessories." Cute, except, not everyone can rock skinny black jeans and leather pants, but okay ... But when she moved on to talking about the styles women love but men hate, she hit it out of the park.

She noted the two biggies:

Red lipstick. Every guy I’ve ever been around does not like red lipstick, for some reason. And the boxy look -- the shift dresses that are popular. Guys don’t really love those either.

I've gotta say I agree. Take a tip from Tai in Clueless who once wisely noted, "College girls wear less makeup on their face, and that's why guys like them more." Ha, it's true! Most men really seem to prefer when we rock natural/"is she or isn't she?" makeup over the bold lips look.

Case in point: My fiance even once said to me, "Are you wearing makeup?" And I said, "No." And he said, "Good, I like you this way best." Cute, right? But also proof that as much as we may believe it will help us achieve a certain style, a painted-on red pout is just not their fave.

Similarly, "the boxy look" hides our shape, our butts, hips, sometimes even our breasts -- which of course men are major fans of!

Seriously, I think we and all the fashionistas of the world are the only ones who are constantly trying to hide our real shape and features! Men would rather see us in all our natural, curvy glory. Not that Emily Maynard knows all, but maybe we should take her tip into consideration more often!

What's something you like to wear that you avoid because your guy doesn't like it?

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LeeshaE LeeshaE

I disagree that all men like less make up. I personally don't wear a lot on a normal day foundation, bronzer and some mascara. Lets just say its been suggested more than once that I wear more. I prefer to look more natural though I hate how there are all these fake ladies out there that if you stripped away all gunk on their face,hair dye, and fake tan would be unrecognizable. Just a big fan of workin with what you got and rockin it.

nonmember avatar Dani

My husband loves red lipstick. And I would never avoid wearing something I like just because he doesn't.

nonmember avatar possie

Emily Maynard definitely should not be giving out dating advice.

Ash Rob Davis

She hit the nail on the head! It's about time that women thought past their own thoughts about what makes them look good and listen to the guys and women who look at them. An objective view is always more accurate than a subjective view. For example, all women think they have big butts but they dont really if you ask someone else.
It doesnt matter how much paint and plaster a woman puts on their face. What matter is the natural beauty behind it. The eyes and the smile dont lie. And Emily has a 10 out of 10 smile and eyes.Add that to a fun and loving personality and you have the perfect woman. Emily is ,in my view, almost the perfect woman. I say almost because guys like me without a public persona and model looks dont stand a chance. It's a shame because we are the most loving, loyal and honest guys around.Women only realise this when they are much older and most decent guys are taken. Oh well, it's their loss. And mine.

Ash Rob Davis

See what has happened now? I cant get her smile out of my head. Definitely the most attractive and sensuous part of a woman. Followed closely by the eyes. The mirrors to the soul. They can never lie.

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