Moms Reveal Their Most Embarrassing Beauty Blunders (VIDEO)

Optimal solutionsWe've all made really silly beauty mistakes in the past. Whether it was that perm back in college that you thought was totally rad or the time you accidentally over-tweezed your eyebrows leaving next-to-nothing left, believe me -- you're not alone.

What's most important, though, is that your beauty routine starts on the inside, and that's why we love Optimal Solutions. Specifically created with your health and body in mind, their variety of products fill all of your health and wellness needs. Hey, if you feel good on the inside, then it'll show on the outside, right?

What's your biggest past beauty mistake?




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carol... carolina_gal

Wearing the wrong color foundation. Not pretty!

candy... candycrush

Letting my sister cut my banks.
That was really not a good idea.


timon95 timon95

really bad hair color - corrected it a few days later

Wish2Be Wish2Be

Blush. I have naturally red cheeks...and the blush made me look like I used the entire container.

mrswi... mrswillie

Letting the Beauty School dye my hair. Ugh...the bleached it too much and burnt it!

celes... celestegood

LOL one time, I got my hair cut entirely too short, and the beautician cut my eyebrows with a straight razor. I looked SOOO weird!

I won't go into my bad hair colors.  Suffice it to say that  I no longer dye my hair, and if I did, it would be close to my natural hair color!  I learned that lesson, lol.

Although, I let my mom cut my hair once, and she made my bangs just way too short and they were not even.  Can you say no more at home haircuts?

lillu... lillucky8

Mine was a doosy. I let my friend put highlights in my hair, which came out fine but im a bit neurotic about roots showing so i decided id just dye my hair back to normal color. So i got a brown close to mine and tried it, well the highlights went orange and the rest dark brown. So i decided that was a nogo and went for a bleach blonde instead figuring thatd take care of it...oh my was i wrong, my roots went bleach blonde, the highlights still orange, and the rest brown and blonde was terrible! Thank goodness i have an amazing hairdresser who fixed it right away, moral of the story...i will never do my own hair again haha

MamaB... MamaBear2cubs

I agree with an above poster, the wrong color foundation.

meam4444 meam4444

I have definitely done the over tweezing...oh goodness! I just remember how I kept plucking one day, and this was a bad mistake!! Lesson learned: I no longer pluck my own eye brows, I let the professionals wax and pluck them. :-)

meam4444 meam4444

I just thought about another one! One day in high school, I wore too much blush, and my friends kept thinking I was "blushing" through out the day. They kept pestering me for a reason.

I know I have a lot of beauty mistakes, but this is just the fun in learning what works and what doesn't.

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