Selena Gomez's Crazy Outfit Shows She Clearly Needs Justin Bieber's Help (PHOTO)

selena gomezThere's matchy-matchy and then there's matchy-matchy. Selena Gomez took the double M to new heights recently when she debuted a yellow floral 1970s wallpaper ensemble for a video she's shooting. Selena's a gorgeous girl who looks good in pretty much anything (and I am feeling that cat-eye), but the top and the pants? Now, that's just crazy.


This is one of those outfits Selena will probably look back on years from now and think: "Yeah, I probably could have toned it down a scosh there." And that's fine, we all have those moments. I had a big double wigwam sock period. It was bad. But I lived through it, and honestly, I think I'm stronger for it.

Separately, this shirt and these pants would be adorable. (I know I'm in the minority here, but I really do love a floral pant.) But together, they're just too much. If Selena would have even thrown a black blazer over it, it wouldn't have seen so ... I really can't think of another word: Matchy-matchy!

I guess we can all at least take solace in the fact that her shoes and bag aren't the same print. That would be too much -- too much even for crazy Hollyweird.

What do you think of Selena's outfit?


Image via Pacific Coast News

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