Naomi Watts Wears 'Pajamas' to the Zoo & Moms Everywhere Rejoice

Naomi WattsAha, yesssssss! Naomi Watts, who was the absolute best dressed at the Oscars the other week, was seen at the zoo with her kids this weekend wearing "pajamas." I AM VINDICATED! Moms everywhere are doing a happy little jig! For I, too, have been spotted outside of the house in my PJ bottoms! But only in the morning, you guys. And I'm in good company.

Of course, Watts (pictured here on another casual outing with her cute-pie children) is probably not REALLY wearing, like, pajama-pajamas that you buy from the juniors' sleepwear department, which is what I’ve been spotted in on more than one occasion at school drop-off (and then 10 minutes later buying a latte!). She’s probably wearing some kind of ultra-chic yet laid-back brand of pants. But, dudes, Watts' pants sure look just like pajama bottoms, especially paired with her totally casual and fairly rumpled gray T-shirt.


Watts does jazz up her ensemble with a hipster Panama hat and Ray Ban-style sunglasses, and I happen to have confirmation that on her feet are $139 Matt Bernson gladiator sandals, which totally out-cool my go-to flip-flops. Still, it’s like we’re style soul mates!

OK, just kidding about the soul mate part. But while Watts is not the first celeb to appear in public in pajamas, I do admire her willingness to go out in them anyway, where she is sure to be photographed sans makeup and in an outfit that was clearly designed for comfort, not glamour. You will catch neither Naomi Watts nor I at our kids’ soccer games in spike heels a la Victoria Beckham!

That said, I do not generally support leaving the house in PJs, but since I have been guilty of it (thankfully my daughter's school doesn't have a dress code for parents!), I can't say much against it. I don’t think that if you're one of those moms in pajamas, it always means that you’ve totally let yourself go. But there is a difference between throwing a coat over your jammies and rushing to morning drop-off (see: me at about 8:29 this very morning) and actually spending an entire, active day in your sleepwear -- errands, school pick-up, and all. Remember that grocery store that had to actually BAN people from wearing pajamas whilst shopping? Hilarious -- and sad! 

If comfort is your priority (and well it should be, especially if you're a busy mom!), take a cue from Naomi Watts: it’s totally possible to throw together a comfy, yet somewhat cute outfit (involving pajama-like clothing, even!) to wear for a casual day. You might actually get away with it if you add a sexy hat!

Do you ever leave the house your pajamas (or anything that looks like PJs)?

Image via Pacific Coast News

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