Victoria's Secret Model 'Saves' Dog From Drowning & Looks Good Doing It

Rosie Huntington-WhiteleyLook! Out in the surf! Able to leap choppy waters and frothing waves in a single bound ... it's a Victoria's Secret model! VS model and Transformers 3 star Rosie Huntington-Whiteley deserves her own Baywatch-like TV series ... only it would air on Animal Planet. Because Rosie was photographed rushing out into the rough Malibu ocean to save a local dog who had apparently swam out too far and was having trouble getting back in. But the pooch need not have feared ... Rosie was near!


Rosie, whose rescue efforts were caught by paps, waded out to get the white fluffy pooch in bikini bottoms and surfing top. The dog, who apparently didn't belong to the model, had run out into the surf to catch a ball and then couldn't swim back in against the tide. So Rosie went into the surf, beckoning to him, and then eventually was able to grab him by the collar.

Where was this dog's owner? Was it a friend of Rosie's? Okay, perhaps the Daily Mail, which "reported" the incident, might have exaggerated just a tad about how much danger this dog was in. Looking at the photos, the dog doesn't appear to be drowning, and Rosie didn't seem to need to go out too far to get him. But it's a dog and a supermodel, people. Who can resist that combination? So let's continue to talk about this as if it were really, really important news.

If you've gone swimming in the waters of Los Angeles, you'd know the tide can be pretty dangerous and easily sweep you away if you're not careful. It's sweet that Rosie went out after him -- and you can tell from her photos that she's superathletic, which is something I've always admired about the Victoria's Secret models (even with that whole concave stomach thing). 

But just in case you think Victoria's Secret models are all vapid skinniness with no brains, heart, or soul, it's just not true. Look at Rosie going after that dog! That's a caring person, I tell you. And would anyone have noticed this if Rosie were average-looking? Of course not. But that's life! Hot supermodel + cute dog + a bit of drama = Write about it! Seriously, I learned that in journalism school.

Anyway, I'm glad the dog was okay. And Rosie looks great.

What do you think about Rosie's heroism?

Image via SplashNews

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