Tina Fey's 'Mom' Bathing Suit Makes the Rest of Us Feel So Much Better

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Tina FeyToday is March 1, and you know what that means, right? Yep, we're only a few months away from bathing suit season -- a time of year many of us absolutely dread. Looking cute, stylish, and in shape on the beach is no easy feat, especially when you're surrounded by women in tiny bikinis who don't have a wine roll or unsightly stretch marks compromising their appearance.

But watch out, bikini girls -- there's a new queen bee in town as far as fashionable swimwear goes. Funny mom Tina Fey was spotted wearing a "mom" bathing suit -- and now we owe her a round of applause and a standing ovation.

Because if someone as cool as Tina Fey can wear a mom suit with pride -- the rest of us can too.

And if you're at all confused as to what I mean by a mom suit -- I'm referring to a basic skirted tankini like this one.

 bathing suit

OMG. If you don't own one of these things yet, you're really missing out.

It's seriously like, the most perfect bathing suit EVER.

First of all, let's state the obvious. It hides all of the key problem areas, disguising any cellulite, stretch marks, or any other sort of wear and tear that moms' bodies typically bear the signs of.

And aside from covering up the spots we'd rather not have exposed to the world, the mom suit is also practical and functional. Hello? Have you ever had your kid accidentally pull your top down while clinging to you for dear life in the pool? This suit makes such incidents much less likely to occur.

Lastly, the mom suit caters to something we all strive for in summer -- feeling confident and comfortable in a swimsuit without pulling or tugging at it every five seconds to make sure we look good.

I won't lie -- I've owned one of these little beauties for a few years now, but I've always been kind of ashamed to wear it. I always associated a skirted bathing suit with being something only moms who had given up on their bodies wear. But you know what? After seeing Tina Fey look so great in her suit -- I'm throwing in the towel this year and wearing mine more often too. And if that somehow makes me past my prime -- so be it.

Do you own a mom suit?


Images via Splash/Lands' End

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lobus lobus

No. While that model looks nice most moms who wear these suits just look more frumpy than they are. It screams of insecurity. I think a nicely fit one piece is better if youre concerned about the tummy. I however after two kids will rock my bikini thank you...

Maias... MaiasMommy619

I'm glad someone actually wants to cover the hell up!! Thanks Tina Fey!! Lol

popta... poptart0325

I do own a "mom suit" though it's two-pieces and not one. I think Tina Fey looks hot and it's refreshing to see a hot celebrity who doesn't want to let all of her goodies hang out!

nonmember avatar guest

i would never wear something like that. i wear bikinis. i'm 28 and have 4 kids, the youngest being 13 months... but i only wear bikinis, stretch marks, extra skin and all. i don't care. i have a hormone imbalance that throws off my sense of temperature and leaves me feeling too hot ALL the time, so i'm not going to cover up anymore than i have to.

nonmember avatar Meegan Bunch

I'm all for bikini's if you have the body for it! I personally will never wear one again because of nasty scars on my stomach - I'm over it though! I saw these skirted suits in Lands End and thought of getting one. Worried I'll feel frumpy......

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