Eyelash Jewelry: Would You? Could You?


Just when you think you've seen it all, my friends, along comes ...


This Etsy seller is making quite a splash in the world of, erm, eyelashes, because WILL YOU JUST LOOK AT HER? How does she close her eyes? How can she see? Can you drive in those things? Do they hurt? So. Many. Questions.

And so many eyelash options, too! Check them out after the jump, then tell us in the comments: Would YOU wear eyelash jewelry?



Are you a fan of baby farm animals? (What kind of question is this? Who ISN'T a fan of baby farm animal?) Show your love with Baby Farm Animal Eyelash jewelry (Etsy, $25)!



Or perhaps you're planning a trip to Vegas. Your weekend won't be complete without Viva Las Vegas Eyelash Jewelry (Etsy, $25)!


My favorite is this 24K gold plated eyelash jewelry (Etsy, $30). Wear these lashes and people will definitely go "hmmmm."



And for those of you who want to stray so far off the beaten path, you may well never find your way back again, check out the Googly Eye Eyelash Jewelry (Etsy, $30).

Now that you've seen it -- can you believe it? Would YOU wear eyelash jewelry? Do you think this trend could catch on and go mainstream?


Images via Etsy

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