Want to Get Rid of Your Gray Hair for Good? There's a Pill for That

gray hairA new product on the market promises to "cure" your gray hair. Does anyone else find that totally freaky? Or am I just being a hypocrite?

After all, as the press release for "Go Away Gray" (which costs $29.99 for a month’s supply and can be purchased online) so sagely tells us, "Going gray can be a real blow to a person’s self-confidence, and for some it’s a constant reminder of growing older.”

Well, that sure sounds depressing, but unfortunately I can’t really argue with it. While I'm not obsessed with defying my age by any means, I'm definitely not super excited about the side effects of growing older, from my post-baby bosom to those lines in my forehead. 

And, while I haven’t found a gray hair yet (unless you count that one wiry, white WHISKER that suddenly appeared sprouting out of my chin a couple of years ago, against which I do constant, vigilant battle ... BUT I'D RATHER NOT TALK ABOUT THAT), I really do NOT look forward to the day when I find a gray strand, and am sure it will be plucked out of my scalp or dyed blond tout de suite. Which leads us to "Go Away Gray's" next point: "Women and men routinely spend a fortune on coloring those grays, but now, there's a pill you can take to get rid of gray hair … permanently."

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Their logic is sound, but whoa. Permanently? I find the whole idea a bit creepy, but let's get real: I might change my tune once I see what I look like with gray hair. To be honest, I’m starting to change my tune about Botox and I’d probably go for a boob lift if I could afford it (PROBABLY), so really, what’s the difference? And you KNOW I’d be gobbling down a pill that (safely!) reversed my wrinkles, vain creature that I am. But something about this doesn't sit right with me. For one thing, I already highlight my hair so it’s not like I’m content with my "natural" color anyway. And is gray hair really something that needs a cure?

I live near Manhattan, where, as on TV, spotting a woman with gray hair is a rare occurrence. However, when I go back home to Northern California, I'm always struck by the number of older women with natural, gray hair. My own mom has long hair (another rare sight among older women, except of course, that bizarre species of animal, the "Real Housewife" of anywhere), and about five years ago or so she stopped dying it and let it go gray. At first I hated it -- I missed her brown hair and I hated the reminder that she was getting older -- but now I see it for the beautiful, natural evolution that it is.

And how the heck does this pill supposedly work anyway? According to the press release, the "secret ingredient" is an enzyme called Catalase that "counteracts our body's natural production of hydrogen peroxide." Apparently, our bodies produce hydrogen peroxide, which essentially bleaches our hair of all color from the inside out, but we also produce Catalase, which breaks down that hydrogen peroxide. So that's why we aren't born with gray hair. When we get older, we stop producing the enzyme, so the hydrogen peroxide isn't broken down and we start going gray. Taking this "wonder drug" is supposed to put the Catalase back in your body so it can block the graying process and allow your natural hair color to come back at the root.

(Did you get all that? It sounds like the product we said L’Oreal was working on back in 2011  -- I wonder what happened to that?

It sounds pretty simple, but I dunno. It's hard to imagine right now, but I hope that I'll be able to let go of my youth and embrace getting older ... beautifully. I can't imagine that I'll ever stop using potions and lotions and whatever help I can get to slow the ravages of time, but I'm not ready to try to "cure" something that might end up being pretty on me. After all, I love my own mom’s silvery hair, so who knows? Maybe one day my own daughter will say the same thing about me.

Would you take a pill to "cure" your gray hair?


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Coles... Coles_mom

I am 36 and am completely gray- I have been for over 10 years. I have a newborn baby and people think in the grandmother. I hate it. I try to keep it colored, but that's roots every 2 weeks and sometimes I just can't keep up/afford, so if their were a pill that would honestly work- I'd be the first to take it!!!

nonmember avatar jalen

If it was safe, I'd do it in a heartbeat!

Taisie Taisie

Yes, yes, and HELL YES, where can I buy this NOW?

Rebecca Genovese

yes! im 28 and have had gray hair since I was little, not completely gray but hard on me non the less since it started at such a young age

leona24 leona24

It sounds great but I can only imagine what side effects the drug has.......

dekumama dekumama

Hm, I'd like to say I'll be proud of my greys when I get them, but we'll see how I feel when I get there.

nonmember avatar jalen

@dekumama, I used to say that too. Until I got to be more gray than brown, and now I'm coloring it every 4 weeks. Once people started describing me as "gray haired" instead of "brunette," it was time. Hate it!

tuffy... tuffymama

Uh, no. I have been going grey since fourteen. Not cool. You know what causes early grey? Adrenal disorder or adrenal fatigue. For some, it is a congenital adrenal disorder. For many, it is adrenals stressed by modern American diet, pharmaceuticals, drug or alcohol abuse, vaccination injury, dental amalgam fillings leaking mercury into your bloodstream, chlorine and fluoride in the water, environmental toxins, and on and on. The same things can poison your thyroid, and a weak thyroid can lead to hair loss. So yeah, if you get the double whammy, you can have thinning, grey hair before thirty. Nice. Think you might have an adrenal issue? Have your doctor order the 24 Hour Adrenal SALIVA Test. Not the urine test.

As far as grey hair goes, I have been fighting with it forever. Adrenal fatigue can cause loss of pigment in skin and eyes, too. I am so pale! As soon as I feel like I am old enough and my eyes get a little lighter, I plan to go platinum and and forget about fighting it.

nonmember avatar Susan Steffen

This article should have been written by a woman who actually HAS grey hair! Obviously this chick doesn't care and has nothing of value to add to any discussion. Moronic. Why does this media outlet think some idiot with one grey hair can write about a pill that cures grey hair? IDIOTIC ARTICLE.

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