'Teen Mom' Kailyn Lowry Flaunts the Dress She May Be Wearing on Her Big Day (PHOTO)

kailyn lowry in wedding dressDespite noting that she won't have her big wedding reception until the fall, Teen Mom star Kailyn Lowry recently tweeted a pic of herself in a gorgeous wedding gown. No, no, the pic wasn't from her small courthouse ceremony last year, and it's not necessarily the gown that she'll wear in the fall ... It was actually a paper dress designed by her friend Katie Hedrick, with whom she's collaborated on the "Beauty Is Sizeless" campaign. And Kailyn was wearing it for a pictorial featured in Essere magazine. She wrote on Instagram, "YES! That's me in Essere Magazine! Paper dress and photo credit by @sizelessbeauty @KateLHedrick." Awesome!

It really is a stunning look on her, so even if this isn't the gown she'll wear on her big day, maybe she'll choose something similar? Or, hey, she could wear this one ... After all, walking down the aisle in a dress made by a friend would be a beautiful way to "personalize" her bridal style.


Back when I first started looking for my gown, I was determined to make sure it was unique enough that it would reflect my personality in a way. Not in a flashy, over-the-top way. I didn't need it to be red or so retro that it was almost like a costume. But I felt like lace would give it a more vintage, romantic feel, which definitely suits my taste. And I was hoping for a hue that was much more ivory than white-white (... maybe even slightly gold!). And although the dress I ended up with was not exactly what I set out looking for, it still has those special characteristics that I feel really reflect me.

It's something no one tells you when you first start planning your wedding -- making any part of it your own is much harder than you think. Sometimes you even have to fight to make it your own. Because everyone will have a piece of jewelry they'd like you to wear, or you'll encounter the a LOT of same cookie-cutter type of dresses and accessories everywhere you look. So you have to figure out how and where you want to reach beyond the norm -- like by going for a golden or blush dress, wearing your grandmother's veil, rocking hot pink sandals, etc.

I'm under the impression that, ultimately, it's those details that you'll look back on and be so happy you incorporated. Can't wait to see what Kailyn does to make her big day this fall even more special!

What details did you make sure to incorporate to personalize your bridal style?


Image via Instagram

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