Justin Bieber’s New Mysterious Tattoo: 10 Things It Could Mean

justin bieber tattooJustin Bieber got a new tattoo, everybody! The singer, who turns 19 on Friday, by the way, revealed some fresh ink on his inner left forearm while out and about in London this week. For those keeping track at home, this makes an even dozen for Bieber.

English artist Guy Neutron Sahar is responsible for Bieber's new stylized X tattoo and shared a photo on Instagram with his latest and arguably most famous canvas to date.

So, what does this X of Bieber's actually mean?


Who knows. It's a guessing game. Which is why I have some guesses:

  1. It's not so much of an X as it is an elongated Z with a strike through it, which probably means he has a crush on Antonio Banderas.
  2. X marks the spot -- perhaps the inner left forearm is one of his erogenous zones?
  3. X is the roman numeral for 10 -- maybe he's commemorating his 10th trip to London, or his 10th anniversary of being 9 years old, or his 10th chest hair.
  4. Look at it sideways and his X becomes a cross -- perhaps Bieber thought the praying hands on his leg needed something to look up to?
  5. X is the 24th letter in the alphabet, and 2 plus 4 is 6, which held up to a broken mirror is 666 ... basically he's a devil worshipper.
  6. The X is next to his owl tattoo -- pretty sure it's just a perch for the bird in the event that Justin's arm skin starts sagging like my grandmother's.
  7. Secretly, he's a big Mulder and Scully fan.
  8. Also huge Hugh Jackman supporter.
  9. As well as a lover of anything rated X.
  10. Basically, the kid has a lot of X appeal.

What do you think Bieber's X stands for?


Photo via guyneutron/Instagram

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