LeAnn Rimes Wears Revealing Dress & Looks Better Than Brandi Glanville

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leann rimesLeAnn Rimes performed at the Youth National Guard Challenge gala in Washington, D.C., on Tuesday, and her voice wasn't the only thing that blew people away -- I imagine it was her see-through black dress and thigh-high leather boots that also wowed the crowd. After pregnancy rumors sparked when she debuted a fuller figure at a Grammy event, LeAnn opted this time for something that showed off her toned stomach. Nothing like some sheer fabric to put the old baby bump rumors to rest. Also, bangs. LeAnn got bangs.

Because LeAnn doesn't exist in a vacuum, I think it's only necessary that we compare this red carpet look of hers to what rival Brandi Glanville recently wore on the red carpet of the Oscars.

One woman chose to show everything, the other chose to subtly hint at her sexiness. One woman chose to smother her face in spackle, one went light and natural with the makeup. One wore her hair in that tired old Hollywood glamour way, one went fresh with new bangs and a blunt cut.

While I'm solidly on Team Brandi when it comes to most things, I have to say LeAnn's red carpet look, in this case, was way better than Ms. Glanville's. Brandi's homemade dress was cheesy and just sort of, you know, ridiculous. LeAnn's look is anything but. (If you don't dig thigh-high boots, though, I'm sure you'll furiously disagree.)

Eddie didn't pose with LeAnn before the event but reportedly attended the concert in which she performed. Meanwhile, back in L.A., Brandi was (maybe drinking) and tweeting about turning her book into a movie.

This round goes to LeAnn.

Do you like LeAnn's look?


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Erin Smith Eaton

What??? This headline doesn't even make sense to me. Brandi Glanville could wear a trash bag and shave her head and STILL look way better than LeAnn Rimes. Starvation-skinny doesn't make you pretty or sexy, and having no self esteem doesn't help either.

nicol... nicolemead91

i cannot STAND LEANN RIMES. even back in the day before all this Brandi shit..didnt ever like LeAnn. 

CPN322 CPN322

No. I don't like the boots.

nonmember avatar YoMama

Dress is cute, bangs should be longer to cover that unfortunate looking face...


Oh give me a fucking break! Team Brandi? Spackle face cheesy home made dress tired hair and she was showing everything. Speaking of showing everything; one of these two hasn't had a daily bikini show (as if chicken pickens are sexy). You like Brandi? Hate to hear what you say about those you dislike.

Marissa De Lory

LeAnn's get up wasn't THAT revealing and she definitely did not look better. Even though I had to cringe when I saw Brandi's Oscar wear... My girl B has a slammin figure and I love her attitude. And she doesn't need to hide behind sloppy, greasy lookin bangs to get people talkin either. Suck it, LeAnn.


Diann... Diannebeat

Rima487 hit the nail on the head !!! Whoever writes this shit every day is doing a dreadful job of being on team Brandi !!!! I'm in the uk & just watched the e! Story with Leann !!! Could have thrown myself through my tv and quite literally wrestled the smarmy bitch to the floor ! U never ever call someone else's kids "my boys" without knowing exactly what ur doing !!!!!!! I am genuinely Team Brandi !!!!!

nonmember avatar andrea

Now I try not to comment on posts but like reading them. However this one hits below the belt. First of all I am team Brandi. I don't like some of the decisions she make but after Leeann Rhimes steal her husband it's just cruel to articles about how better she looks then better. Cute or not marriage is scared and I have no respect did other women stealing other women husbands . No matter what. So please stop glorifying lee Ann rhimes disrespectful country ass

nonmember avatar gigi

She looks fabulous. Young, sexy and fresh.
I totally agree with the writer. Glad you could be fair, unlike so many other blogs.

nonmember avatar anon

Leann has been tweeting to the CafeStepMom twitter account, so this article shouldn't come as a surprise.

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