Jennifer Lawrence's Post-Oscars Dark Hair Dye Job: Love It or Loathe It? (VIDEO)

jennifer lawrenceAfter growing their hair out for a year or more, many brides giddily chop off their locks in the days following their big one. Similarly, no more than 24 hours after scoring the Oscar for Best Actress, Jennifer Lawrence decided it was time for a change ... She headed to Rossano Ferretti salon in Beverly Hills to dye her hair jet black! I'm not kiddin'. It is DARK.

Apparently, sources overheard her chatting about how she's on her way to Hawaii for Hunger Games: Catching Fire reshoots. So, the new 'do hue is all about stepping back into the role of Katniss Everdeen. And while Jennifer seemed to be in good spirits about doing away with her lighter locks, the switch is sad to see.


Sure, it may be crazy to feel bad for an acclaimed, incredibly successful actress who is totally on top of the world right now. Yes, it's part of her job description to dye her hair back and forth, but come on -- Hollywood needs to start working on this. We can do so much with computer animation and CGI and costuming, even, and yet, actresses still have to lose (ahem, Anne! Matthew!) and gain ridiculous amounts of weight for certain roles. Or dye their hair so much that it starts to fall out.

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Maybe JLaw's hasn't yet, but if she keeps it up, she may not be far off from the likes January Jones and Lady Gaga, who have both publicly acknowledged that hair loss is something of an occupational hazard. Ugh! But it's a health and well-being hazard too. And for that reason, it's completely unacceptable.

Here's hoping that after these reshoots, JLaw's able to dial back the constant assault on her strands a bit. But with her likely being the most coveted actress in Hollywood right now, that may not be remotely possible.

Do you think Jennifer Lawrence looks better blonde or brunette? Do you think it's crazy how frequently actresses dye their hair?

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