How to Do the ‘Hair Chalk’ Trend -- It Looks Great on Moms Too!

hair chalkWhen we tried the hot pink clip on strip of hair at The Stir office, it look great on everyone. And after we were done modeling, one of the staffers' pre-teen daughter was the lucky one who became the owner. That kind of says it all -- fun for the moment, but perhaps this funky color strip of hair is best for the younger ones, not moms with kids in tow.

After spending countless hours on Pinterest and loving the looks of these bold pops of color on ladies' locks, I wanted to summon the days of my own youth filled with bleach mishaps and Manic Panic's Deadly Nightshade. Only this time I don't want to further damage my hair or make a mess of the sink. I bought some hair chalk, tried out the hot pink and turquoise in public, and asked the moms at pre-school drop-off what they thought of it ... honestly.


Out of the five moms polled, they all said they liked it, how they thought it was subtle but fun, and they would even try it out themselves. Pam, a mom of two daughters, even said that she was going to go to the salon to get blonde tips on the ends of her hair to make it look more ombre. Love!

I used UO Hair Chalk Rainbow Set ($14 from Urban Outfitters). It's just like chalk -- or really soft pastels from the art store -- and will get all over your fingers when you use it, but it washes off skin easily. There are 32 colors so this can last you a while. I tried it on dry hair first and it didn't last the entire day -- it just sort of disappeared. Here's how to do better:

1. Lightly wet the strands of hair you want the color on. Then also lightly wet the hair chalk.

2. Make sure that strand of hair has no knots, and just rub the chalk on your hair from the top down.

3. Repeat until color is how you want it, remembering that it dries a little darker.

4. Once your hair is dry, you can set with a little hairspray to help it last longer.

It's one of the better $14 beauty purchases I've made -- it's non-committal, funky, playful, and subtle -- and I'm hooked. Green is next!

What do you think of putting in these pops of color in hair? Would you do it?


Images via Michele Zipp

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