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5 Hot Jewelry Trends for Spring That You Just Gotta Try

braceletTime to revamp your wardrobe, party people, because spring is almost here! The new season not only affords us a chance to step outside without hating life, but also an opportunity for a fashion renewal. If you've been hiding under a parka all winter long, it's time to show the world what they've been missing. And really, there's no better way to say, I'm here and I'm awesome than with some killer, on-trend jewelry. 

What I like most about accessories is that they can be found for pretty cheap. Whether you're shopping flea markets or department store bargain bins or your mom's bauble box, look for these 5 hot jewelry trends that'll make you look effortlessly chic this season.

Photo via Christina Anton/Etsy

1See-Through Chic

See-through baubles are big this year so keep an eye out for glass beaded necklaces, clear plastic bangles, and transparent lucite earrings.

2Funky Fringe

Fringe and tassels are so hot right now -- don't be shy about layering them for a high drama look.

3Rome Rules (Again)

Rome's back in a big way -- from updated gladiator sandals to Roman Empire-inspired jewelry, dig deep to find your favorite brand-new artifacts.

4High-Contrast Cool

You'll be seeing a lot of high-contrasting colors this season, so hop on board the color blocking train. Fun rings are a great way to get started!


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