Anne Hathaway's 'Wardrobe Malfunction' Makes Us Wonder Just How Cold It Can Get in L.A.


anne hathaway oscars 2013Everyone was waiting to see what Anne Hathaway, the most obvious choice to win Best Supporting Actress, would wear. Her choices over the course of the awards season haven't exactly been stellar, but we were holding out ... Hoping that maybe she'd knock it out of the park on Oscar night. Then, she took the red carpet in her soft pink Prada gown ... which to me looks like something you would have found in Donna Martin's closet circa 1996. But the sideboob-baring number also happened to have awkward-seeming side darts that drew everyone's eyes right to her nipples

'Course, it was only a matter of time before there was an entire Twitter account devoted to Hathaway's nipples, fittingly called: HathawayNipple. "Anyone else feeling chilly?" read the first tweet. Later followed, "#LesNipplerables." HA!

A bit embarrassing, sure, but it could have been worse ... 

Anne told Ryan Seacrest she chose the dress just three hours before the show. (I wonder how if she's still working with Rachel Zoe, by the way ...? If so, why oh why would Rachel choose this for her? It's so NOT bananas.) At any rate, that admission definitely explains a lot of actresses' wardrobe malfunctions and awkward issues on the red carpet, which often turn into Twitter accounts and memes galore. Who could forget Angelina's kooky leg mishap last year? I'm sure that occurred as a result of her not "test-driving" that dress before Oscar night, too!

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I kinda hate to say it, but when you choose something at the absolute last minute, it's almost like asking for trouble. How can you possibly know how you'll feel in the dress? I'm not saying they need to be sporting gowns they've already worn, but at least try it on a couple of weeks ahead of time ... make sure you feel comfortable in it ... think it through and consider whether or not you need to wear underwear with it. What kind of underwear, etc. I know these women are very busy getting feted all around town, but figuring out the basics of dressing sensibly is not THAT difficult, amIrite?!

That said, after her unfortunate incident at the Les Mis premiere in NYC, I'm sure Anne's breathing a big huge sigh of relief that the funny Twitter account is the only "disaster" to come out of her dress!

What did you think of Anne's dress last night? Do you agree wardrobe malfunctions probably happen as a result of actresses waiting too long to pick a dress?

Image via Kevork Djansezian/Getty

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Tis the season to bash Anne. I liked the dress (who the hell is Donna)? And since when are nipples a malfunction;wardrobe or otherwise?

Loonah Loonah

I preferred the dress she wore when the Les Miz cast was singing. 


nonmember avatar mm

Umm, that's the tailoring of the dress. Even in the extremely zoomed in photos, there are no "real nipples" showing. She would have to have cones for nipples and they would need to be lined up perfectly to show up like that. No human ever could pull that off. Madonna bra, anyone?

Rootbear Rootbear

Well, at least they're still where there supposed to be.

fleur... fleurdelys3110

I don't think those are her nipples. Some dresses have darting that pucker right in the nipple area. I don't understand why, but I've seen it before. I'm sure Anne's actual nipples and breasts were well concealed in some type of strapless bra.

Sati Brown

those are not nipples. those are the points of the darts in the bodice, used to provide shape. idiot people out there.

older... oldermomat41

Damn, people are so stupid, especially all the reporters, reporting on others have said, it is the "darting" on her dress. I used to have a beautiful white "work" shirt with such darting, it did make me a little self conscious so I didn't wear it much. Shame on all the "reporters" hawking this "story". Anyone with a 3rd grade education knows what fucking darting is!

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