3 Oscar Gowns We're Still Drooling Over & 2 We Wish We'd Never Seen (PHOTOS)

Jessica Chastain
Jessica Chastain
Wow. Were there some amazing gowns on the Oscars red carpet last night or what? The celeb types really pulled out all the stops this year as far as choosing award-worthy looks goes, to the point where it was pretty tough to single out only a few dresses as being the best.

But by far, my absolute favorite look of the night was Jessica Chastain's shimmery Armani gown, which is so amazingly gorgeous, I really can't stop staring at her in it.

She was going for old Hollywood glamour -- and she absolutely nailed it. Seriously, this dress is nothing short of perfection.

But while Jessica and plenty of other stars definitely turned heads on the red carpet for all the right reasons, a couple ladies really missed the mark.

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Take a look at the photos below to see a few more dresses to drool over, plus a couple we'd like to forget entirely.

Who are your picks for best and worst dressed at the Oscars?


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nonmember avatar Jessica

Did you just ask "Where did she come from?" about Amy Adams? This was her third Oscar nomination. Sheesh.

jenni... jennifer2712

J lawrs dress didnt do it dor me...too pale too low wrong silouhette

zombi... zombiemommy916

Pretty sure the comment was in reference to Adams' gown...and I thought the Reem Acra dress was gorgeous, but Stewart just didn't pull it off...I LOVED Naomi Watts' gown!!! But I do agree, Jessica Chastain was beyond...and worst dressed should definitely go to Brandi Glanville...she looked like a porn star at the AVF Awards

M Daum Hill

I think Ann Hathaway looked stunning. As for the problem with the dress, the designer should have included a bra.

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