Halle Berry's Oscars Dress Is So Bad It Almost Looks Good (PHOTO)

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Halle BerryAlright. I'm going to go ahead and say it even though I know plenty of you are going to disagree with me. I'm not a fan of Halle Berry's Oscars dress. Like at all.

The minute she stepped onto the Oscars red carpet, Twitter and Facebook started buzzing about how amazeballs she looked. Wanna know what my initial reaction was when I saw her Versace gown?

"She looks like a Solid Gold dancer."

(Or pretty much anyone from the 80's.)

But then everyone kept talking about how great it was, so I gave her another chance when she came out on stage to announce the James Bond tribute thing.

And even after that -- I still don't get it.

I mean, I know she's Halle Berry and looks gorgeous in anything, and I will say that her body is absolutely ridiculous in the best possible way.

But I hate the dress. (And the hair.) I know -- I'm sorry, you guys. The more I stare at her overall look, the worse it gets. (It's so bad, I could possibly be fooled into liking it.)

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But you know what was pretty awesome? When Halle said "Pussy Galore" in front of a live audience. I totally dug that moment for sure.

Of course, my first reaction when I heard her say the word "Pussy" was -- Halle Berry just said "Pussy."

But then I googled it and now I get the whole James Bond Goldfinger reference and now I know why it was perfecly appropriate for Halle Berry to say "Pussy" on stage at the Oscars.

Ok, enough with the Pussy -- back to the dress. I hate to say it, but Halle's going on my worst dressed list for this year with this little number.

What do you think of Halle's Versace gown?


Image via Jason Merritt/Getty

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nonmember avatar Nech

"Pussy Galore" was definitely a double entendre.

bills... billsfan1104

I liked it. It seemed like a lot of women wore the same type dress

linzemae linzemae

I really like it. I wasnt impressed with jen anistons. Looked like a prom dress to me

sweet... sweetcherry_59

I like the dress, the cut and fit of this dress are exceptional. It fits her like a glove and she looks simply radiant. It seems the popular dress theme this year was metallics and white. 


Its not my favorite look on her (but I don't like Versace),but my God does it show off her figure! And what the hell is wrong with her hair? So happy she got rid of those God awful extensions.

nonmember avatar Tbaby seals

Absolutely stunning!! It definitely fit like a glove. She didn't just go with a safe look. This says confidence all over. Luv luv luv it!

Tbaby... Tbabyseals30

Absolutely stunning! She opted out of going safe and this screams confidence all over. Fits like a glove.

NatAndCo NatAndCo

It felt a little too much like a pageant dress to me. But the one i hated most was Anne hathaways pink... thing...

DebaLa DebaLa

Ugh. Are you a blogger... can you even dress yourself?

You had to google the PG reference already known to the masses? And her dress is far from 80s. It hearkens back to movies' golden age which was deco, with strong linear-geometric egyptian themes. I think it was stunning, and most of these gowns are designed to read best for the stage telecast inside, not the red carpet.

Sharon Coney

So Art Deco! She looks like the Chysler building. Not a great dress but Halle is the only person who could pull it off! Her hair looks great too. Not sure why she is being trashed here.

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