This Mom Is a Breast Cancer Warrior & Has the Tattoo to Prove It (VIDEO)

The only thing that scares moms as much as losing a child is the fear that something could happen to us and we wouldn't be there for them as they are growing up.

Nicole, whom we meet in the latest episode of Tattoo Moms, faced that fear, and now she has a tattoo to show the world what she went through.

After waiting 15 years to have a child, she finally became a mom to a beautiful little girl. But when her daughter was only 19 months old, she found a lump in her breast and got the scary news: Cancer.

Within three weeks, she was doing chemo, which she kept up with for almost a year. And when she was done, she designed a tattoo to remind her of how she fought cancer and, more importantly, why she did: her daughter. Grab some tissues and watch her video, below.



Her tattoo features the well-known pink ribbon overlaid with a butterfly, because that's her daughter's favorite thing. Next to the butterfly there is one word: "warrior." Because to Nicole, that shows she's not just a survivor, she's a fighter who battled cancer with all she had so she could be there for her little girl.

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Do you have any tattoos that remind you of something you have fought and won?

Image via CafeMom Studios

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