Giada De Laurentiis' Sexy Sheer Dress Leaves Nothing to the Imagination (PHOTO)

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giada delaurentiisEvery red-blooded man (and woman) I know thinks celebrity chef Giada De Laurentiis is hot. And I'm not going to argue with them, 'cause yowza, she is. So, dudes, if you're reading this, you're in for a mootzadella!-topped treat: Giada was recently photographed in Miami beach wearing a completely see-through white dress. And ladies, take note: The sexy Italian chef's dress didn't look trashy in the slightest, as see-through dresses are wont to do. We can do this! Actually -- I kind of want one now.

At first, I thought Giada might be wearing a bathing suit cover-up with a white swimsuit underneath. But looking a little closer, I'm not so sure. She doesn't look like she has a bikini top on, and she's in full hair and makeup -- so dress it is in my book. And I like it.

Here's the thing about this look that makes it fun and beachy and actually wearable for real people, as opposed to trashtacular: It's loose; it isn't super short; Giada has natural-looking hair and makeup; and she isn't showing anything other than what I assume is a white pair of briefs. Jennifer Aniston wore a see-through skirt a few summers ago, and it looked great -- very California boho with nary a sign of tackiness in sight.

So the next time you see a sheer dress in a store, slow your roll, friend. There is a way to wear it without looking like Courtney Stodden. Cases in point: Jen and Giada. Boom, y'done. 

Would you wear Giada's sheer dress?


Image via Pacific Coast News

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nonmember avatar Um no

I'm sorry but if you can see your "briefs" through the dress is it trashy, bottom line.


It is cute...I like Giada...However, every time I watch her show, I can relate a Seinfeld show to her--the one about Elaine's big ol' head.  Giada's head is kind of too big for her body...I still like her but...I always think she is going to tip over at any minute.  ***smirking***

lbrio... lbriones24

I think she got off of bed and was in such a hurry she did not get to dress.....

TheTr... TheTruthTeller

She probably didn't realize that it would be so sheer in the sunlight. I wore my favorite skirt for over a year before my brother of all people pointed out that it was sheer when backlit by the sun. I've layered it ever since, but it was pretty mortifying that I was flashing people for so long and no one said anything.

Lynette Willems Sanders

Well I kinda get the feeling that she thinks she is the shit anyway and likes to show off period

Venae Venae

Yeah, if I still had my rock-hard size 4 bod!

CPN322 CPN322

No and I also don't find her attractive what so ever.

nonmember avatar absolutely


Deborah Leary

Still think showing your panties is wrong, she may not be trashy but it looks it, sorry. I dont care who you are put on a slip!

nonmember avatar John Q. Public

A sheer dress is common in Europe. As are clothing optional beaches. Only uptight, overweight, prudish American women find this dress offensive. And, you wonder why the world laughs at Americans?

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