Taylor Swift's Racy New Style at Brit Awards Even Caught Harry Styles' Attention (VIDEO)

Taylor Swift

Damn. Hell hath no fury like a woman dumped by Harry Styles. Or at least her breakup with the One Direction singer has to be the reason Taylor Swift looked all sexy and risque at the Brit Awards in London.

Check out Tay-Tay on the red carpet in a black dress with not one, but two slits clean up to her hips.

Whoa! Does she look all sorts of confident and incredible or what?!?

She definitely seems to be shifting toward a more sophisticated, sexy look -- but this dress was actually quite demure compared to the dominatrix outfit she wore for her performance of "I Knew You Were Trouble."


Yes, it's true. Taylor Swift got her Fifty Shades of Grey look on. Don't believe me? Check out the video evidence.


Um, whaaaaat? (My eyes!)

Ok, can I get a show of hands as to who else thinks Taylor decided to go all sex goddess for one reason -- to stick it to Harry Styles, who was also in attendance at the show? Of course, when asked about what he thought of the performance, Harry said it was "great," and added, "She always puts on a good show." (Hmm. I'm assuming he's referring to the stage, not something else.)

Yep, Taylor obviously went out of her way to kick things up a notch and remind Harry what he's missing -- and that she's perfectly fine without him. 

But is she really? Between dissing him at the Grammys, making fun of him in a breakup video, and now the whole dominatrix thing, it really seems like she just can't let go for whatever reason. (Move on, girl. It's time.)

What do you think of Taylor's new sexy image?


Image via Splash

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