Michelle Williams Is Growing Out Her Hair & It's Super Awkward

michelle williamsThe adorable and talented Michelle Williams is one of the few actresses in Hollywood who has had short hair -- pixie short -- for a long time. Williams chopped her blond locks years ago as a "memorial" to the late Heath Ledger -- "the one straight man who has ever liked short hair" (anybody else's eyes watering?) -- and she hasn't looked back since. Until now. Michelle is currently amidst the grueling process of growing out her hair, and it's -- her words, not mine -- "insufferable".

True that, Michelle, true that. But there are ways to make the growing out phase a little less ... awkward. Not that you could ever be awkward, but just go with me here for a minute.


Messy ponytails and buns. It's kind of a knee-jerk reaction to throw your hair back when you're in the middle of growing it out, because it's easy, and because there are many days when you've exhausted all your other options and your hair is just being difficult (speaking from experience here). Go messy, though. Instead of slicking hair back neatly into a pony, tousle it a bit. Have some strands of hair loose. It's a really chic look that actually looks best with hair that is in-between.

Try clip-in extensions. If you really can't handle the exasperation that is growing out your hair, clip-in hair extensions are your best friend. We've touted the benefits of being able to have temporary long locks at the drop of a dime in the past, and we're sticking to that story. 

Change the color. Sometimes, when you can't stand the style of your hair, a little color boost can change that. (And some colors go better with certain haircuts.) You don't have to go from jet black to platinum blond, but a few subtle highlights framing your face can go a long way.

Accessorize. Headbands, barrettes, and little jewel-encrusted bauble things for your hair often look better with shorter hair. Experiment with those hair clips that you got in your Christmas stocking a few years ago and have been sitting in the bottom of your bathroom drawer.

Take supplements. If you just want to speed up the process, supplements like Biotin, Viviscal, and Nourage are supposed to help hair grow faster than it normally would. And of course, eating a balanced diet and drinking tons of water does, also. But you already do that, right?

What did you do while growing out your hair?


Image via Jason Kempin/Getty

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