Moms Dress Up and Wear Makeup for Other Moms

It feels like it's been a long, cold, and drab winter. Sometimes that puts you in a rut, makes you want to wear yoga pants every day, and it's a rare occasion when you actually put a comb to your hair because you're just going to wear a hat anyway. I was in that rut. Then one day at preschool drop-off, I saw something that changed everything. It was like this beacon of beauty. A ray of sunshine. It was one of the moms with her hair in gorgeous mermaid waves, a hint of berry sheen on her lips, and long beautiful mascara-enhanced lashes.

Then at pick-up I noticed another mom, a little dressier than usual, not one flyaway, no frizz, eyes that looked like they had plenty of sleep. Then there was the braid mom -- perfect. It was time for me to catch on to this, too.


I think getting dolled up is catchy. Not in an extreme way, just in a make you feel good kind of way. When I first saw Stasha with her gorgeous hair, I had asked her if she got a haircut, thinking she had just stepped out of a salon. But she -- a mom of three -- said she just took a little time to curl it with the curling iron but not in the traditional clamp it way -- in the wrap around way, which created these beautiful waves. "It makes you feel good, sometimes" is what she said after we talked about getting a little gussied up. And she's so right. I already admired how cool and calm a mother she is, and she looks great even when she picks up the kids right after a run -- she's pretty all the dang time. But her hair like that ... movie star hair.

The next day, I did the same. She inspired me. I took 10 or so minutes to fix my hair a little better, put on a little eyeliner. And voila! I feel pretty, oh so pretty! Maybe some will think this is an unhealthy 'keeping up with the Joneses' kind of behavior, but it did make me feel better, prettier, not so drab and end of winter bored. And it's nothing over the top -- we're not wearing ball gowns or fishnets and heels. It could be just jeans, a sweatshirt, and a winter parka, but it's how you wear it all, how your hair looks stylish, or there's a little glimmer on your cheeks.

There are always going to be the yoga pants, hair is a mess days. The days I run out of the house without brushing my teeth because the kids are late for school. The days I may still even be wearing my pajamas under my coat. But if we balance those days out with a little sprucing up, doing our hair, a little lipstick, a fancy top, we are going to feel prettier and happier, too.

Do you think getting all dolled up is catchy? Do other moms inspire you to get a little more done up?


Image via Wickerfurniture/Flickr

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