The Post Office Is Starting a Clothing Line & Before You Laugh, Read This

uspsWhen your grandkids ask you about the days when paper letters were delivered to your door via the government, you'll have to explain how wonderful it was to see that little flag raised on those vintage mailboxes, then tell the young ones how times were tough and the US Postal Service had to cut out their Saturday delivery. And finally, at the end of your story, you'll take a big inhale and launch into the rationale behind the USPS clothing line, which debuted way back in 2014.


Because, folks, it's coming. It really is. The impoverished Post Office announced Tuesday that it's teamed up with an Ohio manufacturer to make "Rain Heat & Snow" -- a menswear line inspired by mailman attire.

If you're a Project Runway fan, you may remember the first (and best) season of the show when contestants were challenged to redesign the USPS uniform for the future -- perhaps some of their ideas will be put to practical use. 

Even though I don't think this Rain Heat & Snow line really has a chance without a big name designer to sign on (Alexander Wang could make some killer mailperson-wear), I don't think it's an entirely out-there idea.

They've already announced that the clothing will feature "wearable electronics", like a sleeve built to hold your iPod, and if they stay in that lane, I think there's some potential for success.

It's only for men now, but I would love a USPS-inspired hat with flaps that held my iPhone earbuds.

I'd also be interested in a light-weight jacket filled with shredded letters that were lost in the mail. If I got bored on the subway, I could try to piece the correspondences back together, like those kid did with the pictures in Argo.

Ooh, and maybe something made out of stamps? So that if I don't have bus fare, I can peel one off and try to pay the driver with a couple of Forevers since someone once told me they're legal tender. That person may have been homeless, but that's neither here nor there.

And any item of clothing they could make that could be sealed by licking its edges would also be fantastic, as well as anything that could melty the snowy from my shoesies while I walk. Anything that would help me complete my rounds, whether I'm carrying mail or not.

The USPS will soon open a showroom here in NYC.

Do you think the USPS clothing line is a good idea?


Photo via kevin dooley/Flickr

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