Rihanna's Naughty Clothing Line Gets Trashed but at Least She's Not Doing It With Chris Brown

rihannaRihanna, singer and person who gets energy drinks thrown at her, can now add fashun designer to her resume, as she just debuted her clothing line, River Island, during London Fashion Week. Some are calling RiRi's line "slutty", but me? I like it(ish). And I'm a person who wears 47 layers of clothing a day. The thing is -- the clothes look exactly like the things Rihanna herself wears. Don't we want that from our celeb designers? And come on, she's making headlines for something good for once, instead of something involving Chris Brown. Let's not h8, let's celebrate.   


The Daily Beast said that the 120-piece collection was not only "hideous" and lacking "panache or style", but that the clothes were "unsurprisingly slutty and yet tiresomely predictable." The critic then added that River Island is a "cynical marketing exercise entirely devoid of inspiration or authenticity". Well, yeah, I agree with that last statement, as most celeb fashion lines are unoriginal and for the purposes of marketing (have you seen the Kardashian Kollection?), but isn't this kind of what people want of celebrity "designers"? To, well, look like the celebrity?

Would I ever wear any of Rihanna's "porny" clothes (Daily Beast's words, not mine)? Um, that would be a no. But I have no desire to dress like Rihanna. I've never once looked at the singer and thought, "Ooh, I love that! Where'd she get it?" She's a beautiful woman, but thanks but no thanks on her wardrobe. But for those who covet RiRi's clothes -- they're in for a real "slutty" treat!

Do you like the way Rihanna dresses?


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