I Let My Kids Dress Me for a Week! (PHOTOS)

My twins are 3-years-old now and they are both very into picking out their own clothes to wear each day. They don't always match and put together some questionable items together (a tutu with jeans and a dress as a shirt) but they wear whatever they choose -- within reason. I should let them dress me, I thought. I wondered what they would pick out. So I did. For a week!

They both preferred my summer sandals when choosing shoes, so the only time I stepped in to guide them was to show them shoes I could actually wear. They dressed me differently than I would dress myself in a typical week that's for sure. Check out the results.


Day 1:

I've never worn this shirt. It was a hand-me-down from a friend and I never felt it was "me" but my daughter did. My son liked it too and I think it's because he has one that looks just like it. Underneath is a short sleeve peplum lace top I'd never think to pair with the plaid. The Uniqlo jeans are something I wear all the time along with my trusty Frye boots. Would I wear this entire outfit together again? Probably not all together.

Day 2:

My son took the lead in choosing this outfit and I wear this sweater every week, so apparently he likes it! I wouldn't pair the grey jeans with my brown boots, but my son liked the look. Would I wear this entire outfit together again? Maybe on a day these were the only shoes nearby and I had to rush outside.

Day 3:

Both of my kids decided this day was a dress day. My son went right to this little black vintage number I last wore to a CafeMom holiday party about three years ago. And he started taking photos of me with his toy camera. I love this dress, but I didn't wear it outside -- it's the only outfit I vetoed. Would I wear this entire outfit together again? Only for a fancy party or event. The shoes are three-inch platform booties!

Day 3 - Take 2:

My daughter told me she choose this shirt because it has flowers on it. I haven't wore it since early Fall when it was still warm out, but it's one of my favorites. Great jeans (the Uniqlo ones again), great boots by Naya, great choices kids! Would I wear this entire outfit together again? Yes! Bring on Spring!

Day 4:

My daughter was very excited about this mini dress and choose it because there are kitties on it. She tried to get me to wear it alone but I told her I needed some sort of leggings or tights. My son chose the leggings and the ankle boots. I felt fancy! I've only worn this on special occasions, not for a day out and about with the kids. But I should wear it more. Would I wear this entire outfit together again? Yes!

Close-up of the print on silk dress made by my friend (and incredible designer) Leila Shams. Kitties! Meow! Kid-approved.

Day 5:

Flowers! Flowers! Both my kids were drawn to my shirts with flowers on them. This wrap top needed something under it and they choose a raglan sleeve shirt with a Pegasus on it. Interesting combination. They choose my black jeans and high-heeled booties. Would I wear this entire outfit together again? Sort of. I just wouldn't wear the two shirts together.


I was surprised at the good choices my kids made. I really thought there would be embarrassing combinations, but they did really well and generally stayed in tune with what I would typically wear while also making me realize I could branch out more with the things in my closet.

What do you think of the outfits they choose? What do you think would happen if your kids picked your clothes?


Images via Michele Zipp

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