Michelle Obama's 'Midlife Crisis' Drove Her to Do Something Crazy to Her Hair

michelle obamaThere has been a lot of fuss about Michelle Obama's bangs. It's not much of a surprise considering that every style choice the First Lady makes is criticized and dissected as much as any political maneuvering her husband makes. During an appearance on the Rachel Ray Show, she jokingly blamed the blunt cut on a midlife crisis, adding that it was her best option since she couldn't buy a sports car and the secret service won't let her bungee jump.

It came off as a cute quip - finally addressing "bangs-gate." But I think she's being totally serious and I can absolutely relate. I did the exact same thing when I needed to mix things up. That simple cut didn't just have a profound effect on the way I looked, it also impacted the way I felt.


I have never been particularly creative or risky when it comes to my hair. One day, my exasperated hair stylist begged me to do something different for the first time in 7 years. She suggested bangs. She might as well have said I should dye my hair green. It sounded too drastic, too different. But that was her point.

It was stuck in a routine -- personally and stylistically. I was a relatively new mom and I just wanted everything to be easy -- and by easy, I mean predictable. I had worn my shoulder-length hair with a simple side part for years and I was fine with that. Or at least I thought I was. We debated for about 45 minutes, but I still refused. But she didn't let it go. During my next relaxer appointment, she brought it up again. By then, my resolve had started to crumble. She was right. My attachment to this same-old boring look was irrational. If I didn't like it, I didn't have to keep the look forever. Yes, growing out bangs is not quick, but it's not impossible either. So I went for it and it was the best change that I had made in years. 

As soon as that chair swiveled toward the mirror, I felt invigorated, almost like a different person. When I returned to my office, people too notice right way. The most frequent response? "You look so much younger." My husband loved it too. It was a hit, but not just due to the cut itself, but because of what I exuded afterwards. I was always a pretty confident person, but this just made me beam. So, I totally get where Michelle is coming from. Sometimes we feel restricted by what we can do for ourselves, but a new style is one of the best options for any woman stuck in a rut. And it sure beats the heck out of plastic surgery or spending a bundle on an entirely new wardrobe. Still scissor shy? Just remember -- it will grow back.

Have you ever tried a drastic hair cut to liven things up? How did it make you feel?


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