Bethenny Frankel Wears a Bikini at 42 & So Can You (On One Condition)

Bethenny FrankelEvery single summer, I ask myself the same question, "Am I getting too old to wear a bikini?"

Sure, the state of my body during any given swimsuit season comes into play too -- but the age factor is always in the forefront of my mind.

And I think I may have finally come up with a decent answer after seeing 42-year-old Bethenny Frankel wearing a skimpy bikini on a beach in Australia yesterday.

It's as simple as this -- You are never too old to wear a bikini as long as you look pretty damn good in one.


Seriously, why even put an age on swimwear? As long as you've got the body to pull off a bikini without anything bunching up where it's not supposed to, pinching in all the wrong places, or revealing an overflow of lumps and bumps, you might as well flaunt what you've got while you still can, right?

Sure, she doesn't look 21 anymore or anything like that, but at 42, Bethenny's bikini body is definitely brag-worthy. Her waist is minuscule, and she's got some pretty decent muscle tone going on. And gravity still appears to be on her side too, which is a total plus when it comes to parading around in barely-there swimwear.

From now on, instead of asking myself whether I'm too old to pull off a two-piece, I'm simply going to put on a bikini, stand in front of the mirror, and be brutally honest with myself as to whether or not it actually looks good. And for the 9 times out of 10 when I decide it doesn't? Hey, there's absolutely nothing wrong with sporting a tankini or one-piece. (Or a mu-mu depending on the day.)

Do you think bikinis should have a cut-off age?


Image via Splash

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