Woman's Big Plastic Surgery Lie Could Ruin Her Marriage

A woman I know is getting a facelift. Let's forget the fact that she's in her mid-30s and needs a facelift like Kim Kardashian needs a butt implant. But for some god forsaken reason she's getting one -- and for some other god forsaken reason some doctor has agreed to give it to her. But there's just one problem. She doesn't want to tell her husband that's what she's going to do. For one, she knows he'd disapprove. In fact, he'd be livid. He'd do everything in his power to talk her out of it. But she wants her facelift. So ... she's got a little plan.


This woman is planning on telling her husband that she's going away on business. In fact, he already knows about her business trip. But she's really headed to the plastic surgeon's office, which is out of state.

In order to explain why her face will be puffy, red, black and blue, and covered with a bandage upon her return -- she's going to have an explanation.

She's going to say she got into a car accident.

Wow. Not only is this a huge lie, but it's one she's going to have a difficult time keeping up with. No doubt he's going to pepper her with questions. What, who, how, when??!! Is she going to fake a call from the hospital? Is she going to cry and tell him how scared she was? After all, I would imagine an accident that injures your face would be quite traumatic.

But also, just think about the worry her husband is going to have now. He might worry about her every time she goes on a trip. Every time she gets in the car. And how will she explain how the car accident has made her look years younger than she looked before she got into it?! I really don't think she's thinking this thing through.

I don't think you always are obligated to tell your partner about your little beauty routines -- if you want a shot of Botox here and there and don't want to tell him about it, that's fine. A little lip plumper? A bit of filler around the mouth? Your business. But when you get into major surgery -- I just feel your significant other has the right to know.

One thing is for sure: Lying about your plastic surgery -- even to your spouse -- is becoming more common. And lying is not good for any relationship. Especially a lie as big as saying you were in a life-threatening accident!

I think at the end of the day, what you do with your body is up to you. If you want plastic surgery, you shouldn't be ashamed to say it. Have a mature and reasonable conversation with your husband about it. Listen to his concerns and fears -- he has a right to express them. After all, surgery can be risky, and people have died or had major complications from plastic surgery.

But making up a big old lie about it? Not good.

Would you lie about plastic surgery?

Image via April L Sanders/Flickr

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