Mila Kunis & Michelle Williams Get Up Close & Personal With Us at ‘Oz’ Premiere

Rachel Weisz Oz Great and PowerfulConfession: I used to pretend that movie stars don't really look that beautiful in person. It wasn't to be cruel to them; more to make me feel better about my pedestrian looks. But after walking the red carpet, er yellow brick carpet, at Disney's El Capitan Theater for the Oz the Great and Powerful premiere last week, I am going to just tell it like it is.

There are some women who are so beautiful that it hurts. Mila Kunis, Michelle Williams, and Rachel Weisz all make the list. Trust me. I got up close and personal and photobombed them all last week.


And only my husband even noticed. OK, him and a few of my friends (in case you're wondering, I'm waaaaaay in the background in the shot above, but I got a true photobomb with Michelle and showed up more than a few times behind Mila and a few of the other stars in this star-studded cast).

But you get the point. After all my fretting and forcing a friend to take a night off to dress me in a red carpet outfit, I was never going to hold a candle to the stars.

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And I've decided I'm OK with that. Oh, I'm still jealous (hellloooo, have you looked at these women?).

But I got to sneak down the red carpet with only a few of my mom blogger pals taking my photo while I worried that my Spanx were sneaking up where they shouldn't. These poor ladies had to stand there for-freaking-EVER with bright lights in their eyes while photographer after photographer screamed their names and made them look this-a-way and that-a-way.

There's a price to pay for being insanely beautiful. And yes, they are ...

Check out the red carpet looks from Oz.

Think you could pull any of them off? Would you WANT to?



Image via Disney

Disney paid the writer's expenses to attend the red carpet premiere of Oz the Great and Powerful. She was not otherwise compensated, and all opinions expressed are the writer's own.

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