Snooki Keeps Getting Thinner & Thinner but That’s Not Her Biggest Problem (PHOTO)

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snookiSnooki, mama to Lorenzo/lover of iPhone selfies, posted a photo of herself to Twitter, and hot damn does she look good! It's hard to believe it was only a few months ago that she gave birth to her adorable baby boy, because not only does she appear to be fresh as Drakkar Noir-drenched daisy in every photo she takes, she's an itty-bitty whip of a thing. Snooki looks like she hasn't just kept up with her pre-baby weight loss, she's surpassed it.

I've always thought Snooki was cute regardless of her size, but I have to be honest here: I do have one complaint about the Jersey Shore star's new look.

I wish she'd cut her hair the eensiest bit. Just a little trim, girl. Two, three inches tops. I know it isn't all her hurr, but it's so ... long. And for a mama with an infant, that thing is just begging to be pulled. 

I'm not against long hair at all. Not in the slightest. So don't think this a "waging a war against long hair" post. Chill. I, too, have long hair. Not quite the length of Snooki's, but long(ish). And I don't ever plan on cutting it super short (as I did once with disastrous results). But, I don't know, I'd love to see Snooki with a different 'do. Maybe some choppy layers, or, ooh, bangs? That would be fun, wouldn't it?

Snooki has a lovely face and a great head of hair. (At least I think she does -- I'm not quite sure what's hers and what's weave.) She could pull off any old style. Here's to hoping she does at some point in 2013, folks! Good things are afoot this year. I can just feel it.

Have you ever cut your long hair and regretted it?


Image via Snooki/Instagram


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Lovin... LovinJerseyMama

I cut an entire foot of hair off when my first was born, went for that inverted bob look. Totally regretted it! My hair is once again long and beautiful but yes, it's a pain in the ass to style every day because its so thick and heavy. But I would never make the same mistake of cutting it again. Thinking about investing in some keratin treatments throughout the year to keep it manageable so I don't shave it all off and buy a wig :) 

nicol... nicolemead91

I think Snooks looks great!!! she deff needs to something different with her hair. i like her long hair but she should try changing the color. i like the red look i really do..but i think its time 4 a change! Girl Looks Great Tho! <3 Love ya snooki

nonmember avatar kaerae

"that's not her biggest problem?" What? how is losing baby weight or even extra weight a "problem." She looks healthy and beautiful. Why so hateful?

Rdnek... Rdnekgrl2

I'd kill for her hair!  She is looking HOT these days and I say more power to her.  I cut my hair when I was pregnant with my 1st, it was waist long and had never been that long before.  It never grew back!!!

Erika NW Goodall

She's getting to be orderline anorexic.. and you're worried about her HAIR?

Jamelle Jackson Feddersen

She may actually have an issue here.  The only episode of Jersey Shore I ever watched she was talking about having an eating disorder.  Hope she is not falling into old habits.  I just really hope that it is just a simple thing of what she looks like in a sober body.☺

Kendra Mackie

Im sorry but in no way is she getting to thin. Remember that she is only 4'9. She is a tiny person. She is healthy for her height and perception is key. She always wears huge heels and i know from being 4'11 it can make all the difference i how you body is perceived. If she was barefoot she would look a lot different. I myself am a little heavy for my height but if i had shoes on like she wears all the time i would look completely different. MY point here is you cant judge a small person like this. Unless you are the same height and build then u can say if she is too skinny. For her height she is healthy whether she is 85 pounds or 100.

Christen Aubuchon

I think she looks wonderful. I would love to have hair like hers. I have always had short hair and now finally growing it out long. It is to the middle of my back, but still looks short to me. I actually think she would rock the bangs. Not all people can pull off bangs. Not to mention I think she looks just fine. She looks fit after losing the baby weight. Never did get into Jersey Shore, but she really looks like she is healthy and loving life as a new mom.

Nichole Trexler

I'd KILL for her hair!  Do NOT cut it.  I had hair to my waist and cut it super short thinking i'd be easier and oh it'll grow back, ya  well, my daughter is 11 and my hair never made it past my shoulders.  

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