Show Off Your 'Downton Abbey' Style!

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Wardrobe ShopIf my Facebook feed is any indication, we are a nation of women that's Downton Abbey OBSESSED.

Seriously. We cannot get enough of the Downtown Abbey crew, from the plotlines to the costumes to the enormous estate. What better way to show our love for all things Downton than with a well-chosen bracelet or Downton-inspired dress?

Several websites like the Wardrobe Shop now feature reproduction dresses in the Downton Abbey style. This repro empire dress is $178.

See more fabulous ways to show off your Downton Abbey style after the jump!




Downton Abbey BraceletOne jeweler is creating bracelets stamped with lines from Downton Abbey. This bracelet features a quote from Anna: "I know only that I am now who I was meant to be." *Sigh* It's $14.95 on Etsy.

Claire PettiboneShow off your Downton style in the boudoir with this gorgeous Edwardian robe, $180 from Claire Pettibone.


Downton Abbey Dress

For a cool $600 on Etsy, you can have this vintage costume that would fit right in at a Downton Abbey formal dinner. Too pricey for me, but a girl can dream, right?


EtsyLady Cora Crawley inspired these earrings, priced on Etsy at a reasonable $28.


Blue Velvet Vintage

I'm crazy about this reproduction tea dress from Blue Velvet Vintage. It's not cheap at $175, but then again, when did the Crawleys ever wear ANYTHING that was cheap?!


This Etsy seller is making her own Downton Abbey dresses at a much more affordable price. This dress was inspired by Lady Mary Crawley and costs $130.


Images (top to bottom): Wardrobe Shop, EtsyClaire Pettibone, EtsyEtsyBlue Velvet Vintage, Etsy

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I'd kill for that robe! And it doesn't seem outrageous @ $180!Those earrings aren't bad either, makes me want to get ears pierced again.

DebaLa DebaLa

Too costume-y, lost to the Time Machine. I think the only TV series that successfully ressurected a true fashion era was Mad Men with the '60s.

The fussy construction necessary to fit these properly would cost thousands now to keep them from looking like fancy nightgowns. These early 1900s designs were successful only in heralding women's freedom from corsets and bolts of fabric — a great historical landmark for women. But high fashion? No.


Melan... MelanieJK

These women would pass out at the idea of running around in shorts,   tank tops and flip flops.     Their clothes are too constrictive and up tight for modern lifestyles and sensibilities.     They might provide inspiration for current fashion but I won't be wearing anything close to the literal versions.     Seriously,  who would wear that robe as a robe?    

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