Kristin Cavallari's Hot New Mom Style Is To Die For

kristin cavallariKristin Cavallari gave birth to son Camden back in August, but from the looks of things, she's wasted no time getting back into shape. The reality star credits eating really, really healthfully for her toned figure, which, whatever, good for her. Glad she likes them kale salads. Anyway, enough of about Kristin's post-baby body. Let's talk about fashion.

Not one to run an errand in sweats and a scrunchie, Kristin was photographed out and about in L.A. rocking high-waisted short shorts, a black sleeveless top that bared her midriff, and hot hot hot black mesh booties.


I, for one, just died.

I love so many things about this look, it's hard to count the ways. It's sexy yet appropriate, it's elegant yet fun, it's trendy yet classic. Add on top of that a great head of wavy blonde hair and this ensemble gets an A plus.

Kristin's not the only MTV-lebrity who's a new mom with killer style. Snooki, Ms. Jersey Shore Poof herself, is actually looking great as of late. She, too, took no time at all to get her pre-baby body back (in fact, Snooki's figure looks better than ever) and has been dressing to the nines despite the inevitable new-mom sleep deprivation. With new reddish, magenta hair, Snooki shared a photo of herself looking oh so glamorized last Sunday.

Looks like Kristin's got some competition from her MTV reality star cohort.

Glad to see these ladies looking fly just months after their lives were flipped upside-down by the arrival of their adorable bundles of screaming, pooping, giggly baby boys.

Was keeping your sense of style important to you after you gave birth?


Photo via Jamie McCarthy/Getty

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