LeAnn Rimes Says Bad Dental Work Ruined Her Singing Career

First it was Brandi Glanville's trash-talking memoir and now it's her teeth. February has not been kind to controversial country singer LeAnn Rimes.

Rimes has filed a lawsuit against her dentist, Dr. Duane C. McKay, for misdiagnosing her dental issues which, she says, resulted in nine root canals, bone grafting, gum bleeding, and a temporary bridge. And that's just the physical side of the story. 

Rimes is also claiming that all this mishegas with her teeth has also taken a toll on her singing career. She's been forced to cancel performances and claims her "ability to perform as an artist has been and will continue to be significantly compromised until all re-treatment is completed." She's seeking unspecified damages for physical, emotional, and psychological injuries PLUS -- get this -- past and future earnings.


Now, it seems like the girl brings a lot of her problems on herself -- getting involved with a married guy with kids, for starters -- but this one does sound pretty bad. If you're going to make it in Hollywood these days, a perfect set of white veneers is pretty much a job requirement.

The only time you notice an actor or a singer's pearly whites is when they haven't had them done -- or when they have braces (ahem, Faith Hill). We've gotten so accustomed to bright, well-aligned smiles -- aka expensive veneers -- that not having a set is essentially a work liability. Or at least, you could try and argue that.

I bet she paid a fortune for the work this guy did over three long years. And now she's probably wondering, why don't I look (and feel) like Carrie Underwood?

Do all the fake teeth in Hollywood bother you or don't you even notice?

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