Michelle Williams Wears High Slit Dress & Shows a Whole Lot More Than Her Leg (PHOTO)


michelle williamsIt's been way too long since we've seen the gorgeous and talented Michelle Williams grace the red carpet. (The blonde Michelle Williams, not the Destiny's Child Michelle Williams.) Way too long, I say. Michelle always brings an unexpected, quirky twist to anything she wears (including her hair), and last night, at the Oz the Great and Powerful premiere, was no exception. Michelle showed up in a too-die-for ivory-colored, sparkly flower-embellished Prada gown with slits up with here. And also, her underwear showing. (For some reason, I originally typed 'panties' -- blech, barf, shudder.)

When I was perusing my Google reader this morning over coffee, I saw a headline that read: "Michelle Williams Flashes Underwear at 'Oz the Great and Powerful Premiere", and I admit, dirty bird that I am, I clicked. But when I saw what was happening with Michelle's dress, I realized it was only a ploy to get me to click (as maybe this was???). Michelle didn't "flash" her underwear. She was more like, "Here's my underwear. What!" Actually, I don't even think those classify as underwear. They're more like black briefs that one intends on showing to the world. Like those things cheerleaders wear under their skirts.

I absolutely love this look. And not only because, good god, those legs! But because slits keep on getting higher and higher and higher these days (often resulting in wardrobe malfunctions). Why not just go balls to the wall, and wear a slit so high it shows your underwear (and of course, wear something appropriate underneath)?

As always, Michelle Williams didn't disappoint. Her look is different, sexy, and I'll be damned if I've ever seen getaway sticks like that. Yowza -- hot mama!

Do you like Michelle's look?


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nonmember avatar Lisa

I like it because it adds some nice color blocking to the gown and it leaves a little something to the imagination. And, considering that there are any number of Hollywood types that would wear it WITHOUT underwear (gag), I really think that it shows that Michelle has some class.

mzzlyn mzzlyn

It looks like a modern take on a tradtional vietnamese ao dai dress. I love it

Peony Chin

I loved her to death. Super talented and such a classy lady. She's doesn't have too many fans unlike Kunis ( the star of the night and all over the tabloids the next morning). Michelle's dress on the other hand hit the Fashion police headline that she flashes her underthings. Her dress was pretty, it has the cut of chipao (traditional Chinese dress) and modernize of the western. Very unique.

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