Kim Kardashian Looks Ridiculously Gorgeous in Stunning Retro Photo Shoot

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kim kardashianMaybe it has something to do with being pregnant, but it looks like Kim Kardashian has crossed over to the seriously classy and glam side, guys! Sure, she's done plenty of gorgeous modeling work in her day, but she almost always looks like a total vamp. It's all about the sex.

Well, not sure if it's Kanye's influence, but back when he and Kim had only been an item for about five months, he did try to give her wardrobe a makeover. Maybe that move is actually starting to pay off? Or we can just thank Nicola Formichetti (yep, Lady Gaga's former stylist). Either way, in the March issue of ELLE, Kim looks completely stunning in several retro styles!

In the pre-pregnancy images shot by Miguel Reveriego, Kim rocks late '60s, '70s, and even a big, teased '80s hairstyles, sports dramatic brows, and wears three outfits featuring a beaded wool blazer by Roberto Cavalli and a $2,995 Viktor and Rolf dress, a crewneck, cardigan and skirt by Sister by Silbing and $640 Giuseppe Zanotti pumps. In two of the pics, she actually looks like she could have just stepped off the set of Mad Men. Which is amazing! More, please!

Clearly this was a concept shoot, but I'd adore seeing Kim in polished, feminine, and yes, even sexy looks like these more often. What perfect way for her to transition to an even more "sophisticated" style as a mama-to-be. Not that what he says is necessarily the be all and end all, but I'm sure Kanye wouldn't be complaining either!

How do you feel about these new pics of Kim? Would you rock similar styles?

Image via Splash News

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winte... winterglow

When is she ever going to realize that wearing clothes that are too small when you're chubby doesn't make you look slim ... it makes you look fatter than you probably are.

Hugh Glenn

A whore is still a whore no matter how you dress her.

nonmember avatar Michelle

You two are ridiculous, you don't know anything about her. She isn't chubby, she's pregnant. And she doesn't sleep around, she dates a lot. Get your facts straight.

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