Kate Upton Reveals She Got Frostbite During Her 'Sports Illustrated' Shoot -- Can You Guess Where?

Kate UptonSupermodel Kate Upton snagged the cover of the Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Edition for the second year in a row -- but maybe she wishes she hadn't. The buxom blonde has revealed how posing for hours out in the subzero temperatures in Antarctica gave her frostbite. And that her body began "shutting down" and she temporarily lost her hearing and eyesight. Woah! That's absurd! All for a silly bikini shot?!


Kate told the Today Show:

It was freezing! It wasn't great for me ... I can't believe we were able to accomplish that. When I came back, I [temporarily lost my] hearing and eyesight. Because my body was shutting down -- working so hard to keep me warm.

The Sun reports that Kate got frostbite on her BOOBS. Most other reports leave out where exactly Kate got her frostbite. Either way, frostbite is no laughing matter. You can lose limbs from frostbite. Imagine losing your bazooms from frostbite!

And losing her hearing and eyesight? Whaaatt??!! Come on, this wasn't a dive into the frigid South Pole waters to defuse a nuclear missile or something ... this was a modeling shoot! Hell, they could have just photographed her on a warm soundstage and Photoshopped in the snowy background. It would have looked the same. This is a ridic amount of danger to put a model in for a realistic shot -- especially considering this is the same industry that routinely wipes out any traces of reality in a model's body and face.

When you see Tyra Banks yelling at the girls on America's Next Top Model about modeling not being for wimps, now you know why. Models have to do notoriously difficult photoshoots. But this is one of the craziest I've ever heard of.

You might think the money makes it worth it -- but it doesn't. Girls get paid hardly anything for those cover photoshoots. Kate's money will come from endorsement deals. Warmer ones, here's hoping.

Would you pose nearly naked in Antarctica?

Image via Sports Illustrated
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