Easter Egg Colored Ties in State of the Union Speech Made Quite the Splash

obama sotu tieLet's talk about, for a second, the most important talking point to come out of any and every State of the Union address -- the fashion. Forget "foreign policy" and "defense budgets" and "prioritizing goals for a presidency." It's no coincidence that the leader of the free world's biggest national speech happens during, hello, New York Fashion Week, so talking about Barack Obama's tie, as it relates to John Boehner and Joe Biden's sartorial selections is not only natural, it's necessary.

Two words, two syllables: Pur. Ple.


What does it mean. What are they trying to tell us.

Well, there's the fact that blue and red make purple, symbolizing that democrats and republicans go well together. (Obama + Boehner = Biden).

Or, you know, purple is the color of royalty, as well as everyone's favorite ambiguously gay children's dinosaur, Barney, which obviously indicates that we're moving toward an aristocracy and that same sex marriage will be totally legalized this year.

Or, the color purple could be an homage to Oprah, who could soon take over as Secretary of State. It's only logical. I mean, John Kerry wore a baby blue tie. Looks like someone didn't get the memo. Awkward!

The Easter egg display of neck-wear last nigh was all the rage on social media last night. Did you see it on your Twitter or Facebook feed? Everyone with a smartphone had something to say about Obama, Biden, and Boehner's colorful threesome.

They'd make great candidates for the Fashion Police segment, bitch stole my look, right? Right.

What do you think the color-coordinated ties mean?


Photo via http://www.barackobama.com

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