Faith Hill Wore Braces to the Grammys & That's Why She Was Acting So Strange

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As I watched the Grammys the other night, I was wondering why Faith Hill kept making such funny expressions. I thought maybe her lips were chapped or she coudn't bear to watch Taylor Swift win everything ... again. But it was her braces!

Apparently, the gorgeous country star is following the growing trend of mommies with braces-aged kids indulging in a little mid-life orthodontics of their own. Many women in their late 30s and early 40s (Faith is 45) are opting for full-on train tracks or Invisaligns or thin wires to tweak their smile just as their kids are getting their own metal mouths. It's like hitting the dating scene post-divorce at the same time that your kids are on their first awkward go-round.

Hill's eldest daughters, Gracie, 15, and Maggie, 14, both wear braces, with her youngest, Audrey, 11, likely close behind. Guess there isn't much gum-chewing in that household.

The timing is worth noting. Perhaps, now that their children are a bit older, moms are taking a moment to care for themselves. Or maybe it's because they can finally afford it. Invisaligns are upwards of $3,000 -- in New York City, at least. Here's another possibility: As you age, your teeth never stop moving, even if you had braces once before. And our ever higher standard of beauty now requires a second round of fixes.

Hill told country music station KNIX that she did have braces when she was younger but she'd made a crucial mistake. "I forgot to wear my retainer," she confessed, adding, "Kids, wear your retainer."

Are you thinking about getting braces as an adult?

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hjame... hjames1623

That was so brave of her! Many of my friends are insecure with their crooked teeth but are too embarrassed to look into orthodontics in Phoenix. Maybe I'll show them this article. If Faith Hill can do it, anyone can!

Pamela Waterman

Hurray for Faith Hill! She is totally rocking her braces while setting a great example for her daughters. I got my traditional braces at age 53 while my youngest teen daughter had hers; it really was great going through it together, and I'm so glad I did it. Yes, wearing the retainer is really important, but since it ends up just a night-time thing, it's also no bother - and the results are absolutely worth it!

nonmember avatar Dolly

Why does Faith Hill still use her FIRST HUSBANDS NAME??? She divorced Daniel Hill after 7 years of marriage. Shouldnt she now be Faith McGraw? Tim is now her husband. I think it is very disrepectful to her Second Husband to still hang onto the First Husbands name.

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