Brandi Glanville’s Going to the Oscars & You’ll Never Guess Why

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brandi glanvilleReal Housewives of Beverly Hills star Brandi Glanville has a new job. The single mom of two has been vocal about her money issues this season (in one episode she alluded to spending $20K defending herself against Adrienne Maloof's lawsuit), so this job is terrific news not only for her, but for fashion lovers, as well. She's going to be ABC's "special fashion correspondent" for their On the Red Carpet event pre-Oscars. Brandi! At the Oscars! Talking to Hollywood stars who will only come up to her waist because she's 6'4" in heels and everyone in La La Land is a miniature-sized human being! Better get that bleep button ready, this is going to be brilliant.

Let's break it down, though. Every fashion correspondent on any red carpet is automatically just the worst. Ryan Seacrest deserves his hundreds of millions of dollars paycheck because he is the only one who makes it look easy out there. Everyone else -- Giuliana, Kelly, Ross -- god. They're so awkward. Seeing them make small talk with celebrities and then ask them who they're wearing makes me want to hide like a turtle in my hooded sweatshirt and only come out when my drink's been refreshed.

So, obviously, Brandi has no chance of doing a good job, but at least she has a sense of style in her back pocket. The woman knows how to dress, that's for sure. I mean, I guess it's easy when you're nine feet tall and made entirely of professionally sculpted Pilates muscle, but still, she werks it with every outfit. 

For instance, how to-die-for was that simple black dress she wore to meet that Sheena Cheater Pumpkin Eater person? She walked into Sur like BAM, let's do this. Not many people can own a dress like that.

Can't wait to see Brandi keeping it real on the Oscars red carpet -- here's hoping she gets to interview Best Actress nominee Jennifer Lawrence. I think those two dirty birds would have a lot of fun.

Excited to see Brandi's Oscar coverage?

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Theresa Rowe

Jeeze i can't stand her anyways so no Oscars for me or watching fashion police afterwards

white... whiteragland

Brandi, congrat and ily who u are and the blunt powerful lady

Linda Lopez

Brandi, I am thrilled for you, not like these other hateful people out there.  You have been the brunt of other people trying to make you look bad. And you are not.  You are just real.  Some people like Kyle think they are special because they try to fix every thing.  But what I see is her starting things, like Vegas.  She knew what she was doing.  Along with Taylor last night. Another troublemaker.  They are just jealous of you.    Good luck, knock em dead, watch your mouth, and I will pray for you.  Break a leg Girl. (Not really)


Deb Walsh


Joanne Hester

Awesome! It she be fun watching her!

Patty Hoch

I will be sure to watch the Oscars! Love Brandi and wish her the very best! She's awesome and has a mouth just like me. I can relate:) YOU GO, GIRL!

nonmember avatar What the?

Did you see the dress she's actually wearing? So much for her supposed sense of style. She looks like she's wearing a dress that is 3 sizes to small. Classless trash.

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