LeAnn Rimes Debuts Curvier Figure & Looks Totally Hot (PHOTO)

leann rimesLeAnn Rimes is one of my least favorite people whom I've never met, but I have to give credit where credit is due. LeAnn attended a Grammy foundation event (note: not the Grammys) and wore a tight-fitting sparkly number by Reve by Khushali Kumar for the occasion. She paired the dress with old-glam Hollywood hair and a huge smile and I'll be darned if she doesn't look lucid and happy.

At the Grammys two years ago, LeAnn looked gaunt. Now, in 2013, she's looking curvier and her skin is, if I may, positively glowing.


Just so we're clear, I don't dislike LeAnn because of her looks, I dislike her because of her personality. This feud she's started with Brandi Glanville, and the way she and Eddie Cibrain got together, and just her overall lack of self-awareness is what gets under my skin.

Her style, on the other hand, has never offended me, and frankly, I think she's killing it with this latest look. I love that she didn't get a horrible spray-tan before the event and let her enviable white skin show, and I like that her hair's a little darker and fuller, too. And yes, obviously she's noticeably curvier, but I think it suits her, if only because she looks genuinely happy.

There have, however, been rumors about LeAnn's alleged eating disorder for years. She shared bikini pics of herself on Twitter in which her bones were protruding and Brandi's said that her son got sick from eating a laxative he found in stepmom LeAnn's purse. LeAnn, for her part, denies the allegations.

I have no idea what goes in or out of LeAnn, but I do know that she looks pretty good here.

What do you think?


Photo via Splash News

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