Robert Pattinson Shaves His Head & We Don't Miss His Hair One Bit

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robert pattinsonStop the presses, people. Robert Pattinson shaved his head. I repeat, Robert Pattinson shaved his head! No more thick Edward Cullen waves. No more short yet still run-your-fingers-through-it-worthy locks.

Nope. Rob's got himself a nice buzz cut going on, all for the sake of his new movie, The Rover, which he's currently filming in Australia. A few grainy photos of Rob and his lack of hair were snapped, and even though it's kind of hard to make him out in the pictures -- he still looks pretty damn good.

And this isn't the first time he's gone for a barely there haircut. This photo of Rob was taken almost exactly a year ago on the red carpet for the premiere of Bel Ami.

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Yes, it's a different look than what we're used to. And yes, I'm sure some will miss his thick, gorgeous hair. But I have to say -- I'm digging the buzz cut. There's just something about it that makes him look more mature and more bad ass or something like that. And since The Rover is described as a "futuristic thriller," it's really no surprise that producers would want him to lose the Edward Cullen look.

I'm going to go out on a limb and say I highly doubt I'm the only one who wouldn't mind rubbing that newly shaved head of his. I bet it feels all furry and soft and, well -- it's Robert Pattinson's head and I want to rub it. (Let's leave it at that.)

What do you think of Rob's new 'do?


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Donna Francis Dersam

i dont care what he does to his head...he is gorgeous no matter what!! i dig it!:)

Debra Anduaga

It's Robert Pattinson hair or not! I`d take him either way! I like it alittle longer but beggers can`t be choosey!! I`ll with it!!  LOVE YOU!! ROB


ugly before, ugly now. just not a fan.

nonmember avatar Ana

Love Robert no matter what his hair style very HOT!!! Although I do like him with his lovely head of messy hair ❤❤

nonmember avatar Brittany

Sorry but ew

Jamie Serrano


Christina Poole

mmmmmmmmmm i agree wit u debra..either way hes so fukin sexy!!! i dont think he cud be ugle or bad lookin!!

twili... twilightsbella

Nomatter what he does to his hair he is still handsome but i do love his hair :(

Marilyn Ward

He looks best with his hair in Twilight

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