Grammys 2013: 5 Scantily-Dressed Celebs Who Didn't Adhere to the Dress Code (PHOTOS)

kelly rowland grammysHey, remember that time the Grammys tried to enforce a dress code that urged celebs not to have their bits and pieces hanging out this year? The one that suggested they keep it classy? That was funny. The 2013 Grammys were last night, and, as always, the red carpet styles were wild, and left very little -- if anything -- to the imagination. It was almost as if the artists never got the memo -- or as if they felt felt that because they're rich and famous, they could do whatever they want. That's so unlike them!

Here are 5 sexy-dressed celebrities who politely said "thanks but no thanks" to the Grammys dress code.


Image via Splash

  • Jennifer Lopez




    Jennifer Lopez pulled an Angelina Jolie at the Grammys last night, letting her right leg -- her whole right leg -- steal the spotlight from her. She even joked at one point: "So, as you can see, I read the memo."

  • Kelly Rowland


    Um, Kelly may as well have cut out the middle man and just gone naked.

  • Katy Perry




    Katy Perry may have gotten the dress code guidelines, but her boobs obviously didn't.

  • Ashanti


    Ashanti looked gorgeous last night, but not so sure the committee appreciated the fact that you could see her underwear.

  • D'Manti




    D'Manti clearly wasn't concerned with adhering to any dress code. The singer stepped out onto the red carpet last night in little more than some fishing wire and black fabric.


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