Grammys Red Carpet: Taylor Swift Is a Goddess & She Knows It (PHOTO)


Taylor SwiftWhoa. I mean, W-H-O-A. That was my initial reaction after seeing Taylor Swift on the Grammys 2013 red carpet tonight, in a very good way. I don't know what made her decide to go for the whole Greek/Roman/whatever kinda goddess look tonight, but it's most definitely one of her best style calls yet.

Seriously, people -- let's set aside the Harry Styles jokes for at least a paragraph or two (don't worry, we'll get to him in a bit), because Taylor absolutely nailed it tonight.

From the gown, to the braid in her hair, to the "I look so damn good and I'm well aware of it" look on her face -- Taylor definitely earned herself a spot on the Grammys best dressed list this year.

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Honestly, it's going to be pretty tough for any of the dudes watching the Grammys live or from home not to do a double take after seeing this look, and somehow I'm guessing Tay-Tay is counting on it. Nothing quite says, "Duh, I'm a goddess. Check out what you're missing!" like showing up on the red carpet dressed as an actual goddess, right? (Nice one, Taylor.)

After hearing rumors about her "crying nonstop" over Harry Styles (yes, we're back to him now), he may wind up being the one in tears after seeing her in this dress. Hell, I'm almost crying over how amazing she looks and I'm a married 35-year-old woman, for crying out loud. (I could've been a goddess in another life, dammit.)

And now I can't wait to see what she wears for future awards shows from here on out. Something tells me no matter what she puts on, she'll never, ever, ever be able to top this look.

What do you think of Taylor's goddess-like Grammys style?


Image via Christopher Polk/Getty

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nonmember avatar leigh

kinda gross how you can see her ribs in the front of her chest though... and i didn't like how much side boob it showed on tv. that look needs to go away

amand... amanda_mom89

I looked at the photo and thought "woah. Ribs."

Rosas... RosasMummy

yeah the first thing I thought was about her ribs too. she would be more beautiful if she had just a bit more meat on her bones

rhps2000 rhps2000

The skinny celebrities need filler not on their lips but on their bony chestplates! :S

Michi... MichiganMom602

Those concerned about how skinny she is are most likely concerned with their own weight.  We talk about and judge others bodies when we are dissatsified with our own.

CPN322 CPN322

Some people, no matter how much weight they gain, don't put on weight on their chest above the breasts. I used to obsess over that until my mother pointed out that now that shes like 50 pounds heavier than she used to be after having 3 kids(looks great on her, we are a skinny bunch genetically) with DD's, you can still see her chest bones. Taylor Swift if gorgeous and obnoxious.

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