Lil' Kim Has Another New Face, and This One Looks Asian (PHOTOS)

Lil KimThe Walking Dead marathon has consumed the free spaces in my weekend, and I didn’t think I’d see anything much scarier. Some of those walkers are pretty gruesome, what with the greyish flesh and gooey, blood-gorged mouths and scary brown teeth and all. But the latest sighting of Lil’ Kim is downright terrifying. This woman has gone through some dramatic plastic surgery metamorphoses, but it took a double take and a hard squint to recognize her after her most recent reconstruction. 

Money and a Black Card are apparently a volatile combination, because Kim has taken herself under the knife more times than anyone other than her plastic surgeon’s accountant can accurately recollect. It’s sad, actually, to see a woman literally pick herself apart—with the help of modern science—and morph into a completely different being. Plenty of us would change a thing or two if we could. (Heaven knows I would get these love handles whisked off with the quickness.) But Kim isn’t even Kim anymore. I present Exhibit A: 

Lil Kim
How far is too far when it comes to plastic surgery?

  • 1995


    She made her hip-hop entrance as an adorably normal, brown-skinned Brooklyn girl decked in Air Maxes and attitude.

  • 1995


    She was just precious.

  • 1996


    When she released her solo album, she’d glammed up a bit. Aside from a fresh weave and scantier outfits, she was still the same girl we’d grown to love.

  • 1999


    She debuted a fresh set of choppers at the MTV Awards. Perfectly normal.

  • 2000


    One year later, she had blue eyes and blonde hair. Cue the uh-oh. 

  • 2003


    By the BET Awards in 2003, she had two new hooters and a streamlined nose. But she was still pretty. And recognizable. 

  • 2005


    Somewhere along the line, she started bleaching her skin…

  • 2009


    …and bought herself a tummy tuck, some hips and a pair of booty implants. On someone who is just 4’11”, they dominated her tiny frame. And she was a mess for a while. 

  • 2012


    Then... this. Her ringing in the festivities at LA Pride last year. Shakespearean ensemble aside, she's a far cry from the woman she used to be.

  • 2013


    And now, the latest sighting of Kim has her in what appears to be the makings of an Afro-Japanese/Korean/Cambodian woman. Puffier cheeks, slanted eyes and just barely brown skin. She’s spanned three races in just under 20 years.

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