6 Crazy Jeans Styles That Will Sexy Up Your Look (PHOTOS)

jeansIt's that time of year when you have been wearing jeans. A lot. Constantly, in fact. Or maybe that is just me. Seriously, I feel like I go from one pair of dark denim skinnies to the next over. And over. And over again.

I need a wardrobe shakeup, but I am not really sure what to do. I work from home, so I don't want to start wearing skirts. I need comfort, but not sweatpants. This is why I have 20 pairs of jeans (don't judge). So with this in mind, I started to seek out alternatives.

It's kind of amazing what is out there that can look and feel like a pair of jeans ... but not be! Here are six:

Image via Nordstrom

  • Colorblock jeans


    Image via Saks Fifth Avenue

    These jeans aren't for everyone, but with a tunic or long shirt, they really are the perfect alternative. A little different, definitely of-the-moment, and fun. A little on the pricey side, but I am sure there are cheaper alternatives out there.

  • Liberty Print


    Image via J.Crew

    These liberty print jeans are a good alternative to jeans that would look great in the summer and brighten up a winter wardrobe, too. Long gray sweater, hot tea, and these jeans, Yes, please!

  • Skinny Gray Jeans


    Image via Rag & Bone

    These jeans are so hot. I bought them immediately. So cute. So different. SO amazing. Yes, please.

  • Velvet Jeans


    Image via J.Crew

    These are probably not for me. I have a dog and a cat and would be covered in animal hair. But if you live in an animal-free home, I think these are fierce!

  • Skinny Cargoes


    Image via Saks

    It doesn't have to be this exact pair, but skinny cargo pants are a great alternative for jeans.

  • Patterned Jeans


    Image via Nordstrom

    These are so fun and different and light. Who is not desperate for light in the winter?! Bring 'em!


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