Lindsay Lohan's New Lips Look So Fake They Make Us Cringe (PHOTO)

Horrifying 10

lindsay lohanLindsay Lohan and her new lips attended one of New York City's glitziest events last night, the amfAR fundraiser that raises money for AIDS research, without an invitation. She allegedly attended as a "friend" of some rich Saudi oil heir and decided to go "last minute." What remains to be seen, though, is when she actually decided to super glue those Vienna sausages to her mouth and coat them in a taupe lipstick.

Because, wtf are those things. Can we even call them lips anymore? Poor Lindsay -- when will she ever learn that she's more beautiful au naturel?

Unfortunately, with these big ole lippos, she joins women like Lisa Rinna, whose lip implants are just lazy, Real Housewives of Beverly Hills star Taylor Armstrong, and of course, Courtney Love, whose lips have seen more needles than Keith Richards' arm.

Lohan also joins in the bad lip-job category with Janice Dickinson, the former America's Next Top Model judge and self-proclaimed first supermodel, as well as with Nikki Cox, Jay Mohr's wife.

LiLo's made some poor plastic surgery decisions in the past and it looks like she hasn't learned her lesson, whatsoever. Poor girl. What's she gonna look like when she's 30?

Do you like the big lip look?

Photo via Splash News

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nonmember avatar kaerae

If we hadn't seen her in The Parent Trap, I would NEVER believe this girl is only in her 20s

BeckyP. BeckyP.

Who thinks this is an attractive look? It looks RIDICULOUS! Why do people inject that shit into their bodies?

doodledo doodledo

Omg. She is such a mess. She looks bloated and 40.

gogoh... gogohas2babies

Who keeps telling her to do that? So naturally beautiful and she is actually ruining herself! And how about the Doctor that did her lips.  Why would you want to be the person she says did that to her? She looks horrible!

Peatro Giorgi

Way don't you psychotic morons whom have nothing going in your lives ;Feel this great need to tare someone else down so you don't feel so retched .I have great sympathy for that broken lost soul. She after all is just another fellow human with a very deeply wounded heart. Not very different than 85% of all young woman in todays American society .Would hope we all would take a moment step back an rethink how we treat other. Then maybe just maybe will hesitate before inflicting wounds of the heart or mind on others.

Sierr... SierraLynn

Ugh.... She kooks awful.

randh... randhferedinos

We are the same age and I feel for her, growing up under public scrutiny and never having a normal life. She was so beautiful before all the uneeded stuff she keeps doing to herself.

Lobelle Lobelle

Clearly you have nothing better to do either Peatro-Why so aggressive?

Meg Moore

wow,she looks like her moms older sister.

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