My Tattoos Honor My Children & My Life (VIDEO)

I love tattoos, as you will see when you watch this video of me getting tattooed for my 40th birthday for CafeMom Studios' Tattoo Moms series. I've gotten tattooed just for the heck of it, have designs on me that I just thought were pretty, and others hold very special meaning. Last year for my birthday, I got my kids' initials in a heart, and this year I added to that arm and got some solid hearts there, too.

I also got a flower tattoo on my shoulder, which symbolizes something very dear to me, and serves as a reminder about life.


I didn't talk about it much on the video because it was difficult to do so without getting upset because it had all just happened. My husband and I had recently returned from visiting his mother who isn't doing very well health-wise, and then one of my friends passed away suddenly. It was a very sad time. But the flower, a clematis, a whole vine of them, grew in my garden when the frost was coming and most all the other flowers were dying. This was life. This flower made me smile. This flower made me feel like it was a "gift" from my friend Mike who passed on reminding me to smile, to cherish my life, every moment, because it could all be gone when we least expect it.

I checked on those flowers every day because I knew they too would die and then I decided to pick them, press them, and frame them. I have one for myself, and gave one to Mike's mother, and one to his sister. And one will live forever on my shoulder thanks to the work of Lara Scotton at East Side Ink in NYC.

People may see that tattoo on me and think "oh it's just a flower," but to me, it's so much more than that.

I also think this yearly birthday tattoo will be a tradition. Why not!

Check out the video to learn more about my tattoos!

Do you have a tattoo that has special meaning? Do you also have tattoos that you just got because you thought it looked pretty? I do!

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