9 Celebrities Who Dared to Show Side Boob: Classy or Trashy? (PHOTOS)

gwyneth paltrowSo, the side boob. It's all the rage. Everyone's doing it. And plenty of Hollywood's most famous ladies have been showcasing the trend for quite some time. And that's why it's tough to understand why anyone is even remotely shocked to see a boob peeking out of the side of a dress on the red carpet anymore.

There seem to be mixed emotions as far as the classiness of the side boob goes. While it can look a little bit on the trashy side if it's not done correctly, there are a few ways to pull it off so it looks subtle and tasteful.

Take Gwyneth Paltrow, for example. The silver gown she wore to a benefit at the Metropolitan Museum of Art last May was simple yet sexy, and not at all flashy even though she had the side boob going on.

However, for every A-list lady who does the side-boob right, there are plenty of others who come off looking tacky and ridiculous.

Take a look at these photos to see eight other celebrities who went for the side boob.

You be the judge -- which ones are classy and which ones are trashy?


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